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New site for West County Health Center identified

April 9, 2008

William Walker, MD
Contra Costa Health Services

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Please note: A new site has been selected (August 2010)
"Another Site Has Been Selected. New Health Center Finds Home Near Doctors Medical Center San Pablo.The location of our new West County health center was announced in July along with proposed plans and a design. Leaders said the 18-acre site along San Pablo Avenue between Vale Road and Church Lane is ideal because of its proximity to Doctors Medical Center San Pablo. Initially, the health center was to be located on the Doctors Medical Center San Pablo campus, but space was an issue. Construction for the clinic, which will replace our aging Richmond Health Center, could be finished by spring 2012. The project was made possible in December with $12 million in federal stimulus funds."

Some months ago I told you about the efforts over the last decade to replace the deteriorating Richmond Health Center with a new building to better serve West Contra Costa County.

I'm Dr. William Walker, Director of Contra Costa Health Services and the County Health Officer. I want to give you an update on how we are working to meet the health needs of West County residents.

The Richmond Health Center is nearly 50 years old and badly needs to be replaced. It's the only one of our eight health centers that hasn't been replaced, and we are determined this will happen so our patients can get quality care in a quality facility.

The City of Richmond wants the property where the Health Center is located on 38th and Bissell Avenue to use for commercial development. We understand that. We know that the Health Center stands in a place that could be generating much needed revenue for city services.

A number of locations in Richmond were identified as potential new sites for the Health Center. For various reasons, none of those sites is available at this time or in the near future. In order to help Richmond officials move forward with their development plans--and to help us establish a new health center--we must move forward and so we have chosen a potential site.

We are hoping to build a state-of-the art Health Center on the campus of Doctors Medical Center in San Pablo--just a few miles from the current site of the Richmond Health Center.

We think this plan will benefit the community in a number of ways. We have worked hard for the last year to save Doctors Medical center and make it a financially viable medical center to serve West County residents. Locating the Health Center on the Doctors campus will make it possible to share services like x-ray and laboratory testing. That will bring revenue to Doctors and improve patient access to those services.

The current Health Center provides primary and specialty care, well baby visits, immunizations and other critical services. The Center recently was praised for providing high quality care despite its deteriorating state. We hope this new plan will allow those excellent services to continue--in a much improved building.

The new Health Center will be reachable by public transportation for patients from all communities in West Contra Costa.

We think relocating the Health Center to this new site is the best solution for West County residents and gives the community a Health Center it deserves

Thanks for listening.

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