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Medical Reserve Corps

The Contra Costa County Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) was developed as part of the County's emergency planning and response system. It addresses the need for additional medical professionals to respond to a medical surge event or an event requiring and or event requiring MRC assistance. Oversight is provided by the Contra Costa County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) as lead agency with support from Contra Costa Health Services.

Community Event Request
Training & Calendar

  • Membership

    MRC members are engaged and active participants in unit activities. They want to learn more about disaster preparedness and response by attending team meetings and trainings. They want to utilize their skills and have a general wiliness to help the community during both emergencies and non-emergency community events such as CPR training, First Aid stations at events and high school mentorship.

    Medical and public health professionals such as physicians, nurses, EMTs, paramedics, pharmacists, and dentists are encouraged to join. Interpreters and other non-medical individuals may apply to fill logistics and administrative roles

    To start your application with the MRC please click "Application Button"

    If you have any further questions, please contact the Medical Reserve Corps Coordinator at 925-723-2435.

  • Community Event Request

    The Contra Costa County Medical Reserve Corps Public Health activities throughout the year, teaching Hands Only CPR and administering vaccines in county clinics.

    Additionally, the MRC maintains a public education role, participating in Disaster Preparedness Fairs throughout the county.

    For Non Emergency MRC community support, please click the icon to the right.

  • Training & Calendar

    All MRC activities serve as training opportunities. throughout the year, formal training offers continuing education credits to our medical volunteers. In addition, collaborative training with our community partners prepares a more robust public health response for local residents. Please see the calendar below for a list of MRC training opportunities and events.

    • Working in Red Cross Shelters
    • Practicing Austerity Medicine
    • Disaster Anatomy: Applying Clinical Skills in a Disaster
    • Mental Health in Disasters

  • Unit Activation


    The Contra Costa County MRC can be fully or partially activated by Contra Costa Health Services in declared States of Emergency or incidents necessitating medical support. The following individuals are authorized to activate the MRC in these cases:

    • County EOC Medical/Health Branch Director/CCHS DOC Director or their designee; or
    • CCHS Health Officer or designee; or
    • CCHS EMS Division Director or their designee; or,
    • CCHS Public Health Director or their designee.

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