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Publications / Member Materials

Welcome to our Member Publications Page

This is the information or member materials available about your health plan:

Member Handbook
Has information on what benefits are covered, how to use services, your rights & responsibilities, and how to file a complaint.

Provider Directory
Lists the doctors, clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, or labs you can go to. You can also use our online search tool.

Lists the drugs that are covered.

Medi-Cal for Kids & Teens
Information about preventive and treatment services from birth to age 21.

Look for your plan materials below. You can save a copy for your reference.

If you want a printed paper copy of any of these items mailed to you, fill out this online form or call Member Services at 1-877-661-6230 (TTY 711) (option 2), Monday – Friday, 8AM – 5PM.

CCHP Member Services can also answer any questions you may have about covered benefits or services.

Medi-Cal Members

Medi-Cal Kids & Teens

County Employees & Superior Court Plans A & B (including retirees)

County Temporary Employees Plan A-2

IHSS Providers Plan A2

Important Forms for Members of All Plans

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