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Health Career Pathways


CCHS Health Career Pathways' (HCP) vision is to develop career pathways from the historically marginalized communities that disproportionately experience health and wealth inequities, with the aim to prepare a future health workforce that centers equity as well as reflects and respects the rich racial and lived experiences of the populations we serve.

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Our Approach

CCHS HCP high school-focused program develops partnerships with high schools, colleges and community-based partners to achieve four strategic outcomes with youth and young adults:

  1. critical thinking skills and identity development through participation in a trauma-informed health equity curriculum;
  2. exposure to a wide variety of health professions and connection to local health partners working on issues and initiatives in their communities;
  3. increased professionalism and leadership skills development through mentorship; and
  4. increased college-and-career preparedness through paid project-based learning and internship opportunities.


The program launched in 2013 as part of The California Endowment's Healthy Richmond Initiative in partnership with CCHS Community Wellness and Prevention Program. CCHS staff piloted Alameda County's "Public Health Solutions (PHS)", a curriculum and internship model within De Anza High School's health academy to instruct students on the principles of public health, careers in the field, the social determinants of health, health equity, and the "isms." Select students were awarded paid summer internships in CCHS and community health settings and received ongoing professional development and academic guidance.

Since 2013, over 1000 students from Mt. McKinley, West Contra Costa Unified, Mt. Diablo Unified, Pittsburg Unified, and Antioch Unified School Districts have participated in the PHS curriculum, and 200 have been successfully placed in summer internships. Many have also participated in volunteer clinical shadowing experiences within our Regional Medical Center and community health centers in a partnership with our Contra Costa Family Medicine Residency Program.

In 2019, the Public Health Solutions program was re-branded as Health Career Pathways (HCP) and became an education and employment equity initiative housed within the CCHS Office of the Director.

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