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November 2023

Dear Contra Costa Health Colleagues and Community,

As we step into this season of gratitude, I want to express my deep appreciation for the commitment and dedication each member of our Contra Costa Health team brings to the table. With a team of over 4,000 and in partnership with our community, you consistently go above and beyond, ensuring that health is advanced for everyone in our community.

If dedication is the backbone of our system, adaptability is the fuel for our success. In the face of unprecedented changes, you have shown remarkable flexibility, constantly learning and embracing new approaches. From building supportive housing for the unhoused to expanding behavioral health crisis care, and addressing the diverse challenges in service delivery, regulations, safety, and healthcare coverage, your adaptability defines our success.

As I reflect on your achievements, it's the impact on people's lives that resonates with me most. Your persistence, ingenuity, and compassion have not only elevated our work but have also protected our communities, placing people at the core of our health system.

It is crucial to recognize that in our pursuit of health for all, equity remains a guiding principle. Your work, focused on serving those most vulnerable in our community has made a significant difference. As we continue this journey, let us reaffirm our commitment to inclusivity and ensuring that everyone, regardless of circumstance, can live safely, healthy and well here in Contra Costa County.

It is a privilege to work with such driven and skilled individuals. Thank you for your ongoing support of our community and each other.

With sincere appreciation,

Anna M. Roth RN, MS, MPH
CEO, Contra Costa Health

We are thrilled to share the results of our recent employee newsletter survey. Your insights and opinions are crucial in helping us shape a newsletter that resonates with each member of our diverse and talented team.

Overall Satisfaction

The overwhelming majority of people said they think the newsletter is interesting, entertaining or valuable and spend about five minutes reading it each month.

Preferred Content

Among the top favorites are employee recognition and spotlights, organizational updates, reminders of special employee offers, and training opportunities. We'll continue to prioritize these areas and explore ways to enhance and diversify our content.

Suggestions for Improvement

Common themes included a desire to hear more from all our departments, shortening the content so it's easier to skim, and updating the design. Additionally, some of you expressed interest in hearing more about the great work staff does each day. We're taking these suggestions to heart and will be working on incorporating these elements in future newsletters.

Design and Accessibility

Many of you mentioned the importance of a visually appealing and navigable newsletter. We hear you, and we're exploring ways to enhance our content. Look out for more photos, links and videos in upcoming newsletters.

Thank you for taking the time to participate in the survey. Your feedback is invaluable, and it will help us make our monthly newsletter even more meaningful.

We've already created a new segment thanks to your feedback. Check out the Ask Us Anything article and send us your questions for leadership

CCH's New Website Launching in December

Starting December 14, our public website,, will have a new and improved look and better navigation. For the past 18 months, our communications team has been working with a website consultant, Granicus, on redesigning

It's the first redesign of our website in more than a decade and the new site will be mobile-optimized so it will appear and function much better on smartphones. More than half of the people coming to the website these days are on their smartphone or tablet, according to our web analytics.

Not only will the website's design be changing, but so will the way content gets updated on the site. Going forward, anyone on staff with training will be able to make their program's webpages using Granicus' content management system. We will be communicating more details about that in the weeks and months to come.

Thanksgiving is a time for friends, family and food, but mishaps can happen. Follow tips to keep foodborne illnesses out of your kitchen.

1. Separate

Keep raw meat and eggs separate from other foods at the grocery store, in the fridge and while preparing food.

2. Thaw safely

Thaw your turkey in the fridge, cold water, or microwave – never on the counter.

3. Cook thoroughly

Use a food thermometer to make sure your turkey reaches a safe internal temperature of 165°F. Cooking times depend on the weight of the turkey and if it's stuffed.

4. Avoid the "danger zone"

Bacteria thrive between 40°F and 140°F, so keep hot food hot and cold food cold before, during and after prepping.

5. Take care of leftovers

Refrigerate leftovers within two hours and enjoy cooked turkey and sides within three to four days. Freeze for longer storage.

Vaccination Reminder

Friendly reminder that respiratory season is here. Make sure to plan and schedule any vaccinations you may be interested in getting.

Also remember that all staff working at healthcare facilities must mask effective November 1st as a result of the newly implemented health order. See more information regarding the health order.

Service Excellence Awards

Service Excellence Awards acknowledge the care, skill and compassion Contra Costa Health employees bring to work each day.

Congratulations to all the nominees who have gone above and beyond for each other and our communities.

This Month's Nominees

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