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September 2023

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COVID-19 in Contra Costa County

Like the rest of the Bay Area and California, COVID-19 activity has gradually increased in Contra Costa with an uptick in hospitalizations and cases. CCH is dedicated to ensuring the well-being of people in our communities throughout the respiratory season.

A new COVID-19 vaccine was approved and is expected to arrive in Contra Costa in the coming week. This vaccine is not a booster. Instead, it replaces the previous COVID vaccines and offers protection against current variants circulating in our community.

CCH strongly encourages everyone who is eligible to get vaccinated, regardless of past vaccination status.

Unlike previous vaccine rollouts, we won’t have dedicated county clinics and encourage people to visit their healthcare providers for vaccination.

CCH will have vaccine for CCHP, Medi-Cal and uninsured patients and we’ll soon provide details on how people can schedule their shot.

CCH has also issued a new health order, mandating mask-wearing for workers in high-risk healthcare facilities such as acute-care hospitals, skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) and high-risk outpatient facilities. The order will be in effect from Nov. 1, 2023 to April 30, 2024.

Testing is also an essential part of preventing the spread of COVID-19, and free at-home test kits are still available. Most health insurance plans will pay for or reimburse up to eight kits per month through Nov. 11, 2023. Medi-Cal members can get free test kits from pharmacies.

CCH is still offering free kits to county residents through the mail. Visit our COVID testing webpage for more information.

Vaccines, masking and testing remain an effective multi-layered defense against COVID-19. As the respiratory virus season approaches, people should stay mindful of risks and take steps to decrease them.

This Year's Ruth Pease Award Winner is Sally Reader-Matthews, Medical Social Worker

Congratulations to Sally Reader-Matthews, this year's winner of our annual Ruth Pease Award! The award is given by the medical staff to a non-physician who exemplifies the dedication of Ruth Pease, a longtime CCH nurse.

Sally is a medical social worker at our health centers in Antioch and Brentwood and has worked for the department for 10 years. One of her coworkers who nominated her wrote, "Sally is a dedicated advocate. She is compassionate, tenacious, creative with her efforts and she loves to help people."

Carla Dockham, a registered nurse in the hospital's post-anesthesia care unit, received an honorable mention for her excellent work.

"She is serious about doing what is right for her patients, co-workers, and all involved in the process of healthcare here at CCRMC," one of her nominators wrote.

Sally and Carla will be honored at the third annual medical staff picnic on Sunday, Sept. 24.

Contra Costa Health's Wellness Team is currently accepting applications for small grants to support employees' physical and mental health.

The grants, which are being funded by the Contra Costa Regional Health Foundation, range from $500 to $2,000. Any CCH employee can apply through the end of September.

Apply for a Wellness Mini-Grant

Navigating Unannounced First Amendment Audit Visits

With more of the public coming in and recording public locations in our buildings, the CEI team has developed a flyer to aid staff. CEI is providing all employees and divisions the opportunity to obtain flyers regarding individuals recording and how to approach them through the employee website. The purpose of this flyer is to prepare staff such as secretaries, receptionists or any other staff member that may encounter these individuals. The flyer will help prepare staff by listing ways they should prepare office spaces and what to say to them in most situations. Click the image for an electronic copy of the flyer or contact to request printed copies.

Service Excellence Awards

Service Excellence Awards acknowledge the care, skill and compassion Contra Costa Health employees bring to work each day.

Congratulations to all the nominees who have gone above and beyond for each other and our communities.

This Month's Nominees

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