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Wildfire Smoke Health Tips

Smoke from wildfires can affect air quality, and people with respiratory conditions, such as asthma or lung disease, young children, and the elderly should avoid areas with smoke and stay inside if possible. People should also avoid outdoor activities and exercise when smoke is present.

Signs that smoke is affecting you may include: coughing, scratchy throat, irritated sinuses, and shortness of breath. You may also feel chest pain, headaches, stinging eyes, and a runny nose. If any of your symptoms get worse, call your health care provider.

Keep indoor air as clean as possible by closing windows and doors. If it's hot, run the air conditioner, but remember to keep the fresh-air intake closed and the filter clean to prevent smoke from outside getting inside.

If you don't have an air conditioner and it's too hot to stay inside, seek shelter somewhere with air conditioning, such as a shopping mall or library. When driving, keep car windows and vents closed.