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Walking Techniques

Walking Posture

Good walking posture not only decreases risk of injury, but also imporves fitness. Here are some tips to improve your walking posture:

  • Stand tall with shoulders down and head up
  • Look ahead of you to keep your chin up
  • Swing arms with elbows bent
  • Keep hands loose
  • Tuck in your behind
  • Walk from heel to toe with each step


Walk slowly for the first 5 minutes and allow your muscles to warm up. It is important to allow the muscles to warm up to prevent injury.


After a 5 minute warm-up, increase to a brisk pace and keep this pace until 5 minutes before you are finished.


About 5 minutes before the end of your walk, reduce your pace and incorporate stretches. It is important to stretch when your muscles are warmed up to reduce the risk of injury.

Cool Down

Reduce your pace 5 minute before the end of your walk (as stated above) to cool down, and incorporate stretching. Breathing should become more steady. Stopping an exercise without cooling down may result in dizziness or discomfort.

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