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What does WIC Provide?

Nutritious Foods

WIC provides checks each month which are taken to grocery stores and used to buy nutritious foods.
WIC foods include:

  • Infant Formula and Infant Cereal
  • Milk
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Whole grain breads, Grains, Tortillas
  • Iron-fortified Cereals
  • Beans
  • Eggs
  • Vegetable and Fruit Juice
  • Tofu and Soy Milk
  • Cheese

Different food packages are issued to different clients. For example, new mothers breastfeeding exclusively receive more food than mothers receiving some infant formula.

Follow this link to download the complete WIC Authorized Foods and Shopping Guide.

WIC Nutrition Education

WIC families receive one-to-one nutrition counseling as well as group nutrition classes. Dads are welcome!

Some WIC class topics include:

  • Healthful eating during pregnancy for mom and baby
  • Infant and child nutrition — Healthy foods for happy children, Picky eaters, Watching your child's weight
  • Getting the most out of your food dollars
  • Parenting and child development
  • Immunizing your child
  • Living healthy
  • Common infant concerns like sleeping, crying and understanding baby cues
  • Using community resources

Breastfeeding Support

WIC families receive encouragement and instruction in breastfeeding. WIC helps families:

  • Learn why breastfeeding is the best start for their baby
  • How to breastfeed while working or going to school
  • Understand dad's role in supporting breastfeeding
  • How to pump and store breastmilk
  • And much more!

For breastfeeding women who are returning to work or school, breast pumps are provided free of charge.