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Breaking News: Health Advisory for Contra Costa County

Last updated: November 10, 2018, 12:38 pm

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District reports that parts of our county have unhealthy air due to smoke. Please follow the following tips to protect yourself and your loved ones. Everyone, especially children, should reduce outdoor activity. Active children and adults, and people with respiratory disease such as asthma, should avoid prolonged outdoor activity. Masks are not a substitute for staying indoors. Masks such as the N-95 are not effective for untrained users and may be dangerous for people with lung or heart conditions. N-95 masks may be helpful for people who must work outdoors if properly fitted. Employees should work with their employers for direction on when/how to use N-95 masks. Seek medical attention if you experience symptoms like repeated coughing, difficulty breathing, wheezing, chest tightness, palpitations, nausea, fatigue or lightheadedness. Visit for smoke tips and for air quality in your area

Limiting TV

Television and the Family

Parents Have the Power... to Limit TV and Be a Healthy Family!

For more information about screen time and young children, visit the Center for Screen-Time Awareness.

Tips for limiting TV:

  • Turn off the TV when nobody is watching
  • Turn off the TV one night a week during dinner
  • Turn off the TV during dinner
  • Limit TV and video to less than two hours a day
  • Take TV's out of your children's bedrooms
  • Plan family activities other than watching TV
  • Cancel cable TV

Let's Get Moving!

Download the WIC "Let's Get Moving" guide for great tips and suggestios to get your family moving.