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Secondhand Smoke

Exposure to Secondhand Smoke (SHS) is linked to many illnesses, including lung cancer and heart disease. Among children, SHS is also associated with serious respiratory problems, including asthma, pneumonia and bronchitis, sudden infant death syndrome, and low-birth weight. Protecting workers and the public from the effects of Secondhand Smoke remains a high priority for the Tobacco Prevention Project and Tobacco Prevention Coalition.

For County Residents

For Residents of Multi-Unit Housing

For Business Owners and Landlords

See also: Landlords, Property Managers and Developers information

For Policy Makers

Tobacco Prevention Project staff are available to provide Technical Assistance to cities considering strengthening tobacco prevention policies. For more information, call 888-877-4202 or email

For Parents

See also:
 - Secondhand Smoke Protections Ordinance
 - Smoke-Free Cars Law
 - Tips for Parents
 - My Mom's My Hero PSA

If you are concerned about tobacco influences in your community including drifting smoke in outdoor areas, Multi-unit housing and workplaces or tobacco sales to minors, call 888-877-4202 or email