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Breaking News: Health Advisory for Contra Costa County

Last updated: November 10, 2018, 12:38 pm

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District reports that parts of our county have unhealthy air due to smoke. Please follow the following tips to protect yourself and your loved ones. Everyone, especially children, should reduce outdoor activity. Active children and adults, and people with respiratory disease such as asthma, should avoid prolonged outdoor activity. Masks are not a substitute for staying indoors. Masks such as the N-95 are not effective for untrained users and may be dangerous for people with lung or heart conditions. N-95 masks may be helpful for people who must work outdoors if properly fitted. Employees should work with their employers for direction on when/how to use N-95 masks. Seek medical attention if you experience symptoms like repeated coughing, difficulty breathing, wheezing, chest tightness, palpitations, nausea, fatigue or lightheadedness. Visit for smoke tips and for air quality in your area

DUI Programs

Don't Drink and Drive in Contra Costa County

Notice to former participants in county-operated DUI programs

All county-operated DUI programs closed in 2004.
Records from the former county-operated DUI programs are destroyed after 48 months as permitted by Title 9, California Code of Regulations. Therefore, the ability to confirm completions is now very limited. The county no longer gives transfer credit for participation in a county-operated DUI program.

  • Licensed DUI Programs - Information about the Driving-Under-the-Influence Program that you have to complete to fully satisfy the requirements of the Court and DMV.
  • State DUI Program Directory - gives the locations of all licensed DUI programs in California by county

Licensed DUI Programs - Central Contra Costa County

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council of Contra Costa, Inc.
License #07-002-01-120 "ADAC"
2020 North Broadway, Suite 101
Walnut Creek, CA 94596
Programs in English

Bi-Bett-Future Solutions
License #07-003-01-120 "Future Solutions"
560 Lennon Lane, Suite 200
Walnut Creek, CA 94598 925-932-7791
Programs in English

OHS, Inc
License #07-008-01-120 "OHS"
2600 Stanwell Drive, Suite 100
Concord, CA 94520
Programs in English and Español

Licensed DUI Programs - Eastern Contra Costa County

Bi-Bett-Dawn Center
License #07-003-02-120 "Dawn Center"
1251 California Avenue, Suite 600
Pittsburg, CA 94565
Programs in English and Español

Bi-Bett-Pueblos Del Sol Education Program
License #07-003-03-120
121 Sand Creek Road, Suite A
Brentwood, CA 94513

Licensed DUI Programs - Western Contra Costa County

Neighborhood House of North Richmond
License #07-005-01-100 "Neighborhood House"
3065 Richmond Parkway, Suite 114
Richmond, CA 94806
Programs in English and Español

OHS, Inc
License #07-008-02-120
11299 San Pablo Avenue, Suite W
El Cerrito, CA 94530
Programs in English and Español

Each licensed DUI program in the county provides the following DUI-related programs

  • Wet and Reckless
  • 3-month first offender (BAC below 0.15%)
  • 6-month first offender (BAC = 0.15-0.19%)
  • 9-month first offender (BAC = 0.2% and above)
  • 18-month multiple offender