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Contra Costa's Safe Drug Disposal Program

Producers and Stewardship Organizations

Producers and Stewardship Organizations looking to obtain approval for stewardship plans in Contra Costa County should complete and submit the Pharmaceutical Stewardship Application, Stewardship Plan Checklist, notice of intent of producer to participate, stewardship plan and the corresponding fee. After CEEH completes the review process, the applicant will receive a notice of approval or rejection. A notice of rejection will explain the reasons for rejection. The applicant will have 60 days to submit a revised plan for review. Approved programs shall implement their stewardship plan within 90 days. Operators of approved stewardship programs will submit reports about the program annually. Substantive changes to an approved stewardship plan require written approval prior to implementing the change. Non-substantive changes may be made without approval but require written notification to be submitted.



Frequently Asked Questions

Contra Costa Safe Drug Disposal Ordinance