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Re-entry Health Conductors REMEDY Support Group Network

Program Mission: The Re-entry Health Conductors Program is a "Call to Action" to all county health care systems and social services to address the glaring health disparities and social inequities facing the returning citizen (formerly incarcerated).

Goal of the Re-entry Health Conductors REMEDY Support Group Network:

  • To provide a place for building community for all people returning from incarceration.
  • To begin the process of cognitive restructuring, character refinement and cultural realignment -that forges a pathway for integration and re-integration into the broader community, family and society.
  • To reduce recidivism among those participants of the REMEDY Support group and Network.
  • To promote and practice among REMEDY participants health, wellness and healing through the Transitions Medical Clinic and community resources such as Goodwill Industries and Shelter Inc.
  • Completion of an 8 week targeted curriculum designed to address the returning citizen’s barriers to health, employment, housing and full integration back into their communities.
  • Graduates of the 8 week series will be invited to participate in the REMEDY network to provide peer leadership, advocacy and mentoring training in order to support current participants attending the REMEDY support group.

Program Criteria:

  1. Recently released and those who struggle with re-integration or integration back to their communities
  2. AB109/Federal, State Probation and Parole
  3. Adult males/females 18 years and older
  4. Resident of East and West County
  5. Insured or uninsured
  6. Medically vulnerable – with a high risk chronic disease

REMEDY offers the following services and support:

  1. Outreach to re-entry population and or by referral
  2. Brief screening thru intake process (assessing health and social needs); including pre-release screening and intake
  3. Assist with health coverage enrollment and GA, Cal Fresh, SSI/SSA benefits
  4. Make medical appointment with a specialized team (medical providers) working with the re-entry population
  5. Link to essential resources (transportation, housing, substance abuse programs, mental health, and employment)
  6. Follow-up with patient/client to ensure there are no barriers to connecting to the identified resources and support systems for continuity of care
  7. Refer patients with chronic disease to a specialized patient centered group support known as patient group visits. Physicians specializing in (diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, nutrition, pain management and opiate addiction)

REMEDY support group process involves (Co-facilitated by a Re-entry navigator and Psychologist):

  • 8 week series ( the group meets 2x per month in both west and east county)
  • Evening groups ( 5:00-7:30)
  • Building cognitive behavioral skills
  • Developing new and increased coping skills
  • Character refinement (identifying and understanding the difference between street culture and prison culture); what is useful and no longer effective in returning
  • Increase awareness of cultural realignment (the ability to transition, sustain and be productive in society)
  • Increase knowledge and awareness of what is effective communication
  • Increase awareness and knowledge of chronic illnesses such as diabetes, chronic asthma, hypertension, chronic pain, heart disease, etc…
  • Increase health literacy and health system access