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Class of 2020

Margot Albert, MD
UC San Francisco

I grew up in upstate New York and prior to medical school worked as a ski instructor, a bartender, and as a lawyer representing victims of elder abuse and low-income homeowners in foreclosure. After my law career I spent a year in Haiti at a tuberculosis ward, which helped me better appreciate the vast complexities of global health. I chose Contra Costa for its high quality, broad-spectrum training, its dedication to providing quality care to underserved communities & its rigorous training that will afford me the skills to practice in low-resource settings home & abroad.

Rafael Blank, MD
UC San Francisco

I took a pleasant and scenic route to medicine. I studied anthropology in undergrad because I loved hearing people's stories and learning about their lives. After school, I realized that a career as a family physician, would allow me to create intimate connections with people I might otherwise never meet. I'm excited about being a Contra Costa FM resident! I chose this program because not only does it embrace the full breadth and depth of family medicine, but it uses those as tools to serve people who may otherwise have little access to healthcare.

Kevin Critchlow, MD
University of Washington

I grew up in Seattle and Los Angeles. After studying biomedical engineering in undergrad, I shifted towards family medicine with the aim of marrying a social medicine based approach with a technical understanding. I am excited to train at CCRMC because of the opportunity to serve patients with the social needs present in a county hospital while gaining the skills to practice anywhere. And in the Bay Area, I can enjoy the best of both the northern and southern parts of the West Coast!

William "Liam" Guerin, MD
Geisel School of Medicine

I was born and raised in Metro Detroit by a family that valued playing soccer, making music, serving our community, and celebrating our American, Irish, Scottish, and Maltese traditions. Oberlin College broadened my perspective on social and political challenges affecting health, while medical school at Dartmouth offered tools to promote a more fair and efficient medical system. With Contra Costa's robust training, I will work to meet the health care needs of all patients, including refugees and LGBTQ+ people.

Rachel Harlos, MD
University of Minnesota

I grew up in Tucson, AZ and moved to Minnesota in high school. Growing up in predominantly Mexican-American, low-income neighborhoods challenged by gang violence gravitated me towards medicine & raised questions about access, equity, and what makes a person/community healthy or sick. I explored these questions as an Anthropology major in college and then working in public health, teaching 4th grade & working with women / children recovering from substance disorders. I chose Contra Costa for its rigorous training and preparation to work in low resource settings and for its people who think and work deeply, broadly, and creatively for health and empowerment of the communities we serve.

Claire Hartung, MD
University of Rochester

Although a native of the Philadelphia suburbs (Devon, PA), I ventured to Carleton College in Minnesota for my undergraduate degree and eventually moved up to snowy Rochester, NY for medical school. My wanderlust and degree in French led me to study experiences in Paris and Bamako, Mali and a year teaching English in Lyon, France. I am thrilled to be joining the CCRMC family where I can pursue training in broad-spectrum, community-focused family medicine, as well as further cultivate my interests in global, public, and women's health.

Adam Krystian Jesionek, MD
Saint Louis University

I grew up within the Polish community here in the East Bay and learned to love the NorCal environment by way of climbing, trail running, and backpacking its hills. I chose CCRMC because it's exceptional emphasis on community service & the manifestation of Family Medicine as a discipline that can be utilized in so many different settings. My particular interests in medicine include maternal/child health, rural & wilderness medicine, and the benefits of nature and green spaces, such as the mountains surrounding Martinez, on the well-being of my neighbors.

Jessie Liu, MD
Stanford University

I grew up in the Midwest and Los Angeles before arriving in the Bay Area. Through college I worked to address health inequities around water/sanitation in Tanzania and the Galapagos Islands. In medical school, I began working with several other grad students to increase capacity of patient families in India through a social enterprise that grew out of a class project. Since I derive immense meaning from interacting with people from all walks and in all stages of life, family medicine was my ideal specialty. I chose CCRMC for the compassionate, social justice-oriented residents/faculty, the patient population & learn-by-doing clinical training.

Candace Markley, MD/MPH
Emory University

I'm excited to join Contra Costa FM Residency where I know I will get to pursue my passion for providing full-spectrum primary care to the underserved. This passion was sparked by my experiences working with Spanish-speaking patients at a UC Davis student-run free clinic while in college (go Aggies!) and was deepened in med. school at Emory Univ. in Atlanta, a city rooted in some of our country's most pivotal social justice movements. I chose CCRMC because it will provide me with training I need to be a skilled and confident practitioner in any setting.

Elena Phoutrides, MD/MPH
Oregon Health & Science University

My family is from Portland, Oregon where I grew up along with my older brother and two younger sisters. After college, I worked for a few years in research and public health program development before starting medical school. I am passionate about caring for the underserved and wanted to be somewhere that valued family medicine as a specialty, and I am delighted to be starting residency at Contra Costa!

Jennifer Shrestha, MD
UC Davis

Our family is Chinese-Hawaiian-Nepalese and I am an LGBTQ friendly provider. I was born and raised in East LA, and am the first in my family to become a physician! Growing up I saw many with poor access to health care--which inspires me to be a physician who finds innovative, compassionate ways to provide quality care for underserved communities. At UC Berkeley I was a Blum Ctr. Fellow & am blessed to join the CCRMC family! The people care deeply about patients & are driven to close disparities in health care through social justice & comm. activism.

Kelsi Schoenrock, MD
UC San Francisco

I grew up in the East Bay and went to college on the East Coast before moving back to the Bay Area for medical school at UCSF. I'm passionate about reproductive health, adolescent medicine and working to engage with the local community. I am excited by CCRMC's strong full-spectrum training, commitment to the underserved and opportunities in global health.

Jennifer Stanziale, MD
Michigan State University

I was raised in Charlotte, NC but spent part of my childhood in Switzerland. Living in another country I experienced immigrant status first-hand. I worked 10 years in veterinary medicine before finishing my degree and going to med. school. My experiences growing up and desire to interact with others led me to FM. I learned of CCRMC and felt this was family medicine as I thought it should be practiced. I'm excited to join dedicated & competent physicians & healthcare workers. My interests include LGBTQI med., social determinants of health & inpatient med.

Class of 2021

Mercedes Charles, MD
Escuela Latinoamericana de Medicina

I'm from Caribbean-Latino descent; raised in Woodbridge, VA. I'm a GMU Patriot and a Cuba-ELAM Medical Graduate. I choose CCRMC due to its rigorous and dynamic training. I'm honored to train with such a high-octane team. I can't wait to meet you!

Silvia Fonseca, MD, MPH
UC San Diego School of Medicine

I was born in Lima, Peru and moved to Los Angeles with my family when I was 7. I attended UC San Diego for medical school and had the privilege of being part of the PRIME-Health Equity program, which furthered my desire to provide compassionate, comprehensive medical care for vulnerable communities. I am thrilled to join CCRMC because of its unparalleled combination of full-spectrum family medicine training, as well as humanistic, mission-oriented residents and faculty.

Helena Frischtak, MD
University of Virginia School of Medicine

I grew up in Rio de Janeiro - a vibrant, gorgeous city full of bossa and charm that I'll forever be impartial to. At 18, I followed in my three older sisters' steps and moved to the U.S. for college. I have taken the "scenic route" to Contra Costa, with detours in NYC, Peru, New Zealand, France, and Mozambique. I am very passionate about global health and caring for the underserved, and believe full-spectrum Family Medicine lends itself particularly well to these interests. In the future, I hope to work for Doctors without Borders in some far-flung locale, or serve low-income communities in Brazil.

Laura Harris, MD, MS, MPH
UC San Francisco School of Medicine

I grew up in New York, and migrated west for public health and medical studies. I'm interested in women's health, and passionate about family medicine's role in caring for underserved populations and promoting health equity. I am excited to stay in the Bay Area for residency at CCRMC, learning full-spectrum Family Medicine with fantastic women's health training alongside fantastic co-residents and faculty!

Sorren Lindstrom, MD
UC Davis School of Medicine

I have a warm and strong connection to the Bay Area, having grown up, worked and gone to school in the East Bay and San Francisco. This makes me all the more excited and honored to continue my training in Contra Costa County at CCRMC, giving back to and learning from a community which helped shape me. Personally, I love hiking and cooking, and clinically, I look forward to training in full spectrum primary care excellence with an emphasis on family planning in underserved communities.

Joana Loeza, MD
UC San Francisco School of Medicine

I am a first-generation student from Southern California with a passion for social justice and mentorship. I chose Contra Costa because it is a rigorous program that will prepare me to provide high-quality care to ALL of my patients regardless of their socioeconomic status. My hobbies include running, cooking, eating, and dancing any type of Latin music.

Carol's Montes-Rouse, MD
UC Davis School of Medicine

I was born in Honduras, and immigrated with my family to Compton, CA at a very young age. After UCLA and spear heading student organizations that advocate for undocumented access to higher education, I attended UC Davis. My passion lies in community engagement, advocacy and activism for my undocumented community & educational programs for the underserved. I've experienced the multi-faceted role community has on individuals & families. I chose CCRMC because of the people that dedicate their life to providing for the underserved and was moved by the commitment to nurture the next generation of community physicians through a rigorous full-spectrum family medicine program.

Skender Najibi, MD
Oregon Health & Science University

I was born and raised in the East Bay region of CA before moving to Portland, OR for medical school, where I became the first physician in my family of Afghan immigrants. I am honored to continue my academic journey & train to become a full spectrum Family Medicine physician at CCRMC. Their commitment to social justice through caring for a diverse and medically underserved population aligns perfectly with my goals!

Dahlia Norry, MD
Albert Einstein College of Medicine

I chose Family Medicine because I believe that comprehensive patient care means working with families and communities, too. I'm excited to move from the east coast to be part of the unbelievably motivated and passionate Contra Costa family because of the rigorous, hands-on training that will enable me to work within underserved communities and fight for a just health system for all. I'm especially excited about family planning, outpatient care, and community medicine.

Shakir Saud, MD, MS
Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

As a native New Yorker, I appreciate cultural diversity and have a strong sense of community. Working as a paramedic for ten years allowed me to contribute to humanitarian efforts in Haiti, Uganda, the Dominican Republic, and Peru, which strengthened my passion for global health and treating the underserved. I was drawn to Contra Costa because of the program's diverse patient population, broad spectrum training with an emphasis on inpatient medicine, and faculty members who are dedicated to teaching.

Ari Simon, DO, MS
Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine

I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, where I learned to surf in the frigid Pacific Ocean and climb the beautiful mountains that surround this wonderful area. I am honored to join the team of inspiring faculty, staff and residents at CCRMC, whose dedication to providing excellent and compassionate medical care to those who have the greatest need inspired me as a medical student. I am excited to continue my training and education at CCRMC where I hope to develop knowledge and skills in maternal and child health, inpatient medicine, and advanced POC Ultrasound that will allow me to practice true full-spectrum family medicine in low-resource settings.

Adam Spring, MD, MPH
George Washington University, School of Medicine & Health Sciences

I'm from Galesburg, Illinois, a small town not far from the Mississippi River. I chose CCRMC because I know it's the best full-spectrum training program and the only one that could prepare me for my future goal of becoming a full-time clinician in Sub-Saharan Africa

Selina Thomas, MD
UC San Diego School of Medicine

I am from San Diego, and I love Jesus, the outdoors, cooking, crafting, word games, and listening to peoples stories. I choose CCRMC because I value their commitment to the underserved and am passionate about caring for such precious and vulnerable populations both locally and globally. I believe the full-spectrum training, high volume OB, and global health opportunities here will be of great benefit in allowing me to pursue my calling to use my skills as a conduit of the many blessings in my own life, as I seek to one day serve a people outside of the US.

Class of 2022

Binstock, Maxwell, MD
UC San Francisco

I grew up across the bridge in Marin County, CA and came to medicine through my studies and work at the intersection of agriculture, ecology, and health. My primary areas of focus during medical school were working with people who are homeless, studying the healing philosophy of Ayurveda, and eating delicious food while hiking. I am grateful to be joining the team of amazing staff, residents, and faculty at CCRMC, learning from my patients in the county setting, and practicing full-spectrum family medicine in a rigorous program.

Boulos, Maryana, MD
University of Utah

I was born and raised in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah with my Syrian-American family where I fell in love with the outdoors. I am excited to come to Contra Costa for its unbeatable broad-spectrum training while I will be fortunate to explore the beauty of the Bay Area as well.

Castillo, Carla MD
Brown University

I was drawn to CCRMC because I wanted to learn how to do “common things uncommonly well,” train at a program that valued diversity and be part of promoting equity and justice in medicine. Although my family lives in central Florida, I studied in New England Dartmouth College for undergraduate and at Brown for medical school. I also completed a Master’s in applied Anthropology at the University of South Florida. My research interests lie at the intersection of health, labor, and immigration policy.

Chang, Jinnie, MD
UC San Diego

I was born and raised in the Bay Area and studied Political Science and Public Policy at UC Berkeley, before relocating to San Diego for medical school. Prior to medical school I worked in health policy research and social advocacy organizations, notably the Berkeley Free Clinic. I chose Contra Costa County for residency for it’s full-spectrum training and commitment to health equity in under-resourced communities.

Eshera, Noha, MD
Temple University

I am an Egyptian-American, born and raised in Maryland. I went to the University of Maryland for my undergraduate studies in biology, French and international development. Before medical school, I spent a few years conducting public health research in the DC area. I am excited to join a team of healthcare providers at CCRMC committed to full spectrum family medicine, global health, health equity and social justice.

Mostow, Jacqueline, MD
Ohio State University

I've spent most of my life in OH but am so excited to venture west and grow some roots in CA. I’m thrilled to pursue my residency at CCRMC, where the rigorous clinical training and passionate residency community will allow me to become an FP capable of advocating for medically underserved patients in and out the healthcare system. I love sharing food with others, exploring the outdoors, and live music; within medicine, I’m excited about caring for multiple generations, adolescent health, family planning, advocacy, and health equity.

Pichardo-Gomez, David, MD
UC San Francisco

I’m originally from Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, and since moving from southern CA to med school in SF I’ve fallen in love with the bay area. My passions in medicine include the use of lifestyle medicine for the prevention and treatment of disease, and the entirety of culinary medicine, which has spawned a fun hobby for cooking. I love the outdoors and working out and dancing to Latin beats. Contra Costa is the epitome of my interests, due to its underserved diverse population, including a large Latinx community, it’s safety net/county setting, its concentration on health, social justice, and patient empowerment with opportunities such as the recent food as medicine initiative, and its remarkable ability to train FM clinicians. I did a sub-i at CCRMC and LOVED it and am happy to come back another three years.

Priyam, Prachi, MD
Thomas Jefferson University

After enjoying many years living between the Northeastern United States and India, I look forward to returning home and serving the East Bay. I am honored to join the Contra Costa family, which challenges the socioeconomic and racial inequalities that foster health disparities and equips its residents to provide high quality, full-spectrum care for marginalized communities. Outside of the clinic, I hope to learn more about our local history and explore nearby trails, museums, concerts, and writing events.

Richardson, Emma, MD
Rush University

After bouncing around the Midwest for my entire life, I’m thrilled to escape the polar vortex and relocate to CA for my residency training at Contra Costa! From research on obstetric fistula in Uganda to leading weekly discussions on health in the Cook County jail in Chicago, I’ve always been happiest and fulfilled working at the intersections of health, behavioral science, health equity, and justice. I was drawn to Contra Costa by the amazing people and incredible full spectrum training that will prepare me to provide the best care for my patients in the future!

Saho, Fatumata, MD
University of New Mexico

I am a first generation American who grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I chose CCRMC because of its focus on training full-spectrum family medicine physicians in addition to its global health program, and the wonderful faculty and residents who are passionate about the wellbeing of their community.

Sanchez, Lilia, MD
UC Davis

I am a Contra Costa County native, raised in Pittsburg, CA! I am so incredibly blessed to return home to serve my community. I chose CCRMC because in addition to their reputation of outstanding full-spectrum training, their mission really speaks to all things I hold close to my heart—compassion, advocacy, diversity, global health, social justice and service to some of the most vulnerable patient populations. As the first in my family to become a physician, I hope to practice Family Medicine with humility, while honoring lessons I have learned from my amazing parents and patients. I look forward to providing compassionate care and be an advocate for families from all walks of life.

Wittenburg, Gregory, MD
Creighton University

Growing up in Topeka, Kansas, I always marveled at my father’s ability to make friends with anyone (everyone); he is a gifted listener and someone who takes genuine interest in people’s stories. It is perhaps no surprise that I was drawn to a specialty, family medicine, that emphasizes the paramount importance of human relationship—especially with those at the margins. Contra Costa’s mission to serve the underserved both locally and globally resonates deeply with my own, and I consider myself fortunate to be in their company.

Younge, Marian, MD
University of Massachusetts

I grew up in Sub-Saharan Africa and moved to Massachusetts in elementary school where I stayed for my undergraduate, gap, and medical school years. I spent the last few years exploring my interests in community health, global health and pipeline programs. I chose CCRMC because of the program’s full-spectrum OB training, global health opportunities and dedication to quality healthcare for the underserved.

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