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The Clerkship Program

We will be accepting applications on or after
March 1, 2018 for the 2018/2019 Clerkship Season.

*****We do not offer Core Clerkships in Family Medicine -- only electives.*****

For clerkship inquiries, email

The goals of our clinical clerkship program are:

  1. To participate in the education and growth of medical students - through clinical instruction and through exposure to a family medicine-based health system committed to care for the underserved.
  2. To afford an opportunity for medical students who are applying to our family medicine residency program to "check us out" - and vice versa. The four-week rotation allows us to get to know each other much better than an interview and tour possibly can.

Please note: read through the information below. If you wish to apply the application links follow the rotation descriptions.

We currently offer three types of clinical clerkships for medical students. Here is a brief description of each:

  • Hospital Medicine (3 positions per 4-week rotation between late August and January. No rotations July – early August) - On this rotation the clerk functions as a sub-intern on the general hospital medicine inpatient service. Under the direct supervision of a senior resident and attending staff, you will admit, manage, and discharge patients. You will be expected to attend daily didactic rounds, ward team rounds, and residency noon conferences. Cases will cover the range of diagnoses which you would expect on a general hospital medicine service - coronary vascular disease, diabetes, COPD, CVA, pancreatitis, HIV-related illness, endocarditis, peri-operative care, etc. The opportunity to manage more surgical cases or assist in the operating room is available upon request.
  • Emergency Medicine/Family Medicine (1 position per 4-week rotation) - This rotation offers an opportunity for the clerk to work alongside residents and staff physicians providing frontline care in our busy emergency department. You will participate in the care of patients presenting with the full range of urgent and emergent conditions, with the exception of major trauma resuscitations. (CCRMC is not the designated trauma center for the area.) Immediate supervision and instruction is provided by a dedicated member of our teaching faculty with immediate consultation services available from specialty and subspecialty faculty. In addition to three ED shifts per week (which include evening and weekend hours), you will participate in noon conferences, and ED and FM didactic seminars. Please note that this clerkship is offered from July through November only.
  • Obstetrics/Family Medicine (1 position per 4-week rotation) - On the obstetrics rotation medical students will divide their time between the busy Perinatal Labor and Delivery Unit, prenatal and gyn clinics, and the operating room. This may include evening or overnight hours.

All clerkship rotations begin on a Monday and last four weeks. Each clerk is expected to participate fully in teaching rounds and teaching conferences. Depending on the specific rotation, clerks may be requested to rotate through an occasional evening clinic. As noted above, the Emergency Medicine clerkship includes regularly scheduled evening and weekend hours. Students are invited to spend time with a supervising resident for exposure to on-call duties.

Students are welcomed and encouraged to participate in the range of other educational experiences offered at our program. This may include follow-up with patients on the wards or in the clinics, attendance at other department teaching rounds, observing/assisting on cases in the OR or delivery suite, taking night call with a resident, or other supervised opportunities for clinical instruction outside of the regularly scheduled clerkship activities. Short, problem-oriented research projects or quality assurance audits can be undertaken by any interested student.

We are unable to provide housing or other benefits for clerks, aside from meals during on-duty hours. Specifically, we do not provide malpractice insurance for clerkship students.If you are accepted for a clerkship rotation, your medical school will need to provide us with a letter indicating that they have provided malpractice insurance for your participation in the rotation. This letter must be received in our office prior to the start of your clerkship.

Eligibility requirements for clerkship applicants:

  • Each applicant must complete and return the Clerkship Application.
  • ** UCSF students please submit the CCFMR-UCSF Clerkships Application for UCSF specific clerkships.**
  • Every applicant must be a registered student in-good-standing at an AAMC or AOA accredited US or Canadian medical school.
  • The clerkship academic year starts in July and includes all clerkship rotations with starting dates between July 1 and January 31. This season is specifically reserved for 4th year students who are interested in applying to our family medicine residency through the ERAS/NRMP and selected 3rd year medical students who have successfully completed their junior core clinical rotations in Internal Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, Ob-Gyn, and Psychiatry/Behavioral Science.
  • Furthermore, all students accepted to a clerkship rotation with a starting date between September 30 and January 31 must have filed an ERAS application designating our residency program for application before the starting date of the clerkship. These requirements are necessary to assure maximum availability of our limited clerkship positions for students who are applying to our residency program. (Please note that applicants to the residency are not required to take a clerkship rotation with our program.)
  • **Note regarding interviewing for our program: All clerks are screened via our regular screening process of their ERAS application.
  • Students are limited to one four-week clerkship rotation per academic year.
  • Clerkship students must be covered for malpractice by their school (see above).
  • Students must provide current Immunization Report.