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  • Designated by the Human Rights Campaign as a LEADER in LGBT Healthcare Equality by meeting the Core Four criteria in 2013, 2014.
  • Transgender Health Care Resources added to iSite for CCHS Staff April 2015
  • Pride Initiative Presentation to Public Health Managers, April 2015
  • Pride Initiative Members trained in QPR Suicide Prevention Program, February 2015
  • Member of state LGBT health coalition providing Covered CA input/guidance on Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity (SOGI) questions for Covered CA application 2014 and ongoing.
  • Transgender Health Panel with CCHS Psychiatrists, October 2014.
  • Provider Symposium "Primary Care for the Transgender Patient" November 2014.
  • Presentation of Pride Initiative efforts and strategies at the Annual Gay and Lesbian Medical Association (GLMA) Conference, September 2014.
  • Transgender Health Presentation at Behavioral Health Partnership October 2013
  • Pride Initiative input on Welcoming/Visitation Policy April 2013
  • Collaboration with RYSE (Richmond), Rainbow Community Center (Contra Costa), Center for Human Development, Inclusive Schools Coalition, PFLAG Contra Costa, 2012-on-going.
  • Board of Supervisors resolutions proclaiming June as Pride month for the past 5 years; November as Transgender Day of Remembrance for the past three years.
  • CCHS PRIDE applies to the Human Rights Campaign, Healthcare Equality Index to be a Leader in LGBT care, 2013.
  • CCHS PRIDE flies Transgender Day of Remembrance flag in CCRMC and Public Health, November 2012.
  • CCHS PRIDE moves to the Public Health Division from Contra Costa Health Services, 2012.
  • CCHS PRIDE training partnership with the Transgender Law Center - Project Health, 2012 - on-going.
  • CCHS PRIDE initiative develops CCHS Nondiscrimination poster, May 2011
  • CCHS PRIDE collaborates in the development of the Nondiscrimination, Cultural Competency, and Welcoming policies for Contra Costa Health Services, 2011 - on-going.
  • CCHS PRIDE sponsors Board of Supervisors proclaiming June as LGBT Pride month, 2010-2013.
  • CCHS PRIDE Initiative march in the San Francisco LGBT Parade, June 2010
  • CCHS PRIDE Initiative launched October 2009