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Press Releases Archive

December 22, 2003 Health Officials Urge Residents Not to Use Emergency Rooms For Routine Care During the Holiday
December 15, 2003 Public Invited to Comment on Chemical Plant Safety Report
November 24, 2003 County Extends Comment Period
November 17, 2003 County Releasing Funds to Start Community-Supported Mobile Farm Stands
November 14, 2003 Opportunity to Learn What is Being Done to Prevent Accidents at Two Industrial Facilities in Richmond
November 7, 2003 Contra Costa Suspends Merchant for Selling Tobacco to Minors
November 4, 2003 Food Resources Available to All
October 30, 2003 County Gets Grant to Educate Richmond Teens About DUI and Safe Driving
October 16, 2003 Breast Milk, What Human Babies Need
October 15, 2003 The Alcohol and Other Drugs Advisory Board of Contra Costa announces a Graphic Design Contest
October 14, 2003 Lead Poisoning Prevention Week is October 19-25
October 1, 2003 Latinos Can Learn Why Tobacco Laws are Important to Their Community
September 30, 2003 Now Showing: Health Information About Folic Acid
September 26, 2003 Open House Celebration for New Consumer Health Library
September 19, 2003 Preventing Family Violence: Men's Work
September 16, 2003 East Bay County to Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month With Free Breast Exams
September 15, 2003 Treatment Facility Expands to Improve Voter-Mandated Services
September 4, 2003 Expert on Smoke-Free Building Policies to Speak to Tobacco Prevention Coalition
August 28, 2003 Community Invited to Learn About Strategies for Cleaner Air
August 19, 2003 Free Needle Disposal for West County Residents
August 14, 2003 Outdoor activities can Increase the Risk for Tetanus
August 1, 2003 Contra Costa County Designates New Sites to Protect Infants Under Safely Surrendered Baby Law
July 28, 2003 Early Back to School Ideas
July 23, 2003 Longtime Members Appreciate 30 Years OF Contra Costa Health Plan
July 22, 2003 Latinos Can Learn How to Deal with the Emotional Impact of Cancer
July 17, 2003 Three New Appointees to Health Advisory Board; More Needed
July 15, 2003 Emergency Preparedness Series to Hit the Airwaves
July 9, 2003 Dental Program Gets High Marks at End of School Year
July 8, 2003 Tobacco Prevention Coalition to hear presentation on targeting of African-Americans
July 3, 2003 Travelers may be exposed to serious health risks
June 23, 2003 CCRMC Gets Three Star Rating from Patients
June 17, 2003 County Streamlining Patient Appointment System to Increase Revenue
June 13, 2003 Childhood Obesity in Contra Costa County
June 11, 2003 Vector Control Gives Away Free Mosquitofish
June 9, 2003 North Richmond Celebrates Multicultural Children and Family Day
May 19, 2003 West Nile Virus Information Sent to All Contra Costa Households
May 19, 2003 Health Fair Launches Nutrition & Exercise Program
May 19, 2003 Rose's Day to Blossom Again June 1
May 14, 2003 Forum on Healthy Communities: How to Support Family and Community
May 6, 2003 Folic Acid for Healthy Mothers & Babies
April 23, 2003 Youth to Thank Generous Donors
April 21, 2003 Community Warning System: "Keeping Contra Costa County Safe"
April 21, 2003 Teens & Young Adults Warned About Dangerous Virus
April 18, 2003 Bay Point Residents Graduate from Dental Education Class
April 16, 2003 Spanish-Speaking Community Learns about West Nile Virus and Community Warning System
April 7, 2003 Feedback about Industrial Safety Ordinance Sought with Community Forums, TV Show
April 3, 2003 Terminated Contract Won't Affect Health Care for West County Residents
April 3, 2003 Unique New Weight Management Program for Children in East County
April 1, 2003 Contra Costa County Issues Alert to Communities to Report Symptoms
March 19, 2003 Tuberculosis Decline Threatened by Budget Deficits
February 28, 2003 Key Staff Vaccinated for Small Pox
February 27, 2003 County to Launch Campaign to Reduce Birth Defects
February 14, 2003 Dentists to 'Adopt' Kids for One Day
February 7, 2003 The California Fiscal Crisis and the Community System of Services: How to Get Involved in Saving Services
February 5, 2003 Sting Cities to Receive Awards for Obeying Tobacco Laws
January 30, 2003 Advocacy Against Asthma to Begin in West County
January 7, 2003 Final Report on Safety Evaluation for East Bay Chemical Plant