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Contra Costa County Pandemic Influenza Plan (Draft)

For H1N1 flu questions, call 1-888-959-9911 or 211, or see our page about H1N1 flu.

Table of Contents

Section 1. Introduction and Overview (PDF, 19pp.)1
Concept of Operations
Description of A Pandemic
Pandemic Flu Phases Table
Planning Approach, Format, and Assumptions
Vulnerable Populations Considerations
Response Management and Coordination
  Public Health Role
  Work Group Role
  Response Partners
Section 2. Disease Surveillance and Reporting (PDF, 5pp.)25
Community Updates and Emergency Systems Activations
Section 3. Laboratory Capacity (PDF, 6pp.)30
  Identification of Influenza A/H5
Laboratory Surge Capacity
Specific Actions
  Interpandemic/Pandemic Alert Period
  Pandemic Period
  Post Pandemic Period
Section 4. Clinical Case Management (PDF, 13pp.)35
  Interpandemic /Pandemic Alert Period
Provider Education and Updates
Vaccine and Antivirals
Patient Presentation
Patient Treatment
Pandemic Period
Section 5. Health Care Facility Planning (2.4M PDF, 17pp.)46
Medical Surge Capacity
  Resources for Medical Surge
Alternative Care Sites
  Alternate Care SEMS/NIMS Roles
  CCHS Alternate Care Site Process
Hospital Patient Surge Capacity - Table 1
Hospital Patient Surge Capacity Pan Flu - Table 2
Licensed In-patient Facilities - Table 3
Outpatient Facilities - Table 4
Section 6. Infection Prevention and Control Measures (PDF, 18pp.)62
  General Guidelines for Non Health Care Facilities (Schools, Businesses, jails, board and care, etc.)
Home Care
General Guidelines for Health Care Settings
Section 7. Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions (PDF, 20pp.)80
  Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions (NPIs)
  CDC Severity Index
  Contra Costa Response Triggers Matrix
Vulnerable Populations Considerations
Section 8. Health Authority and Legal Issues (PDF, 11pp.)98
Legal Proceedings
Workers Compensation Laws/Liabilities
Licensing, Credentialing and Privileging
Section 9. Risk Communication and Public Information (PDF, 18pp.)110
Vulnerable Populations Considerations
Communications Infrastructure
Communicating with the Public
Working with the Media
Risk Communication Strategies
Risk Communication Guidance for Hospitals
Risk Communication/Public Education Materials
Section 10. Behavioral Health and Psychosocial Services (PDF, 3pp.)120
  Interpandemic/Pandemic Alert Period
Pandemic Period
Post Pandemic Period
Section 11. Ethics (PDF, 7pp.)132
  A Guide for Decision Making
Key Issues
Attachments (3.5M Zip File)138
  List of Attachments (PDF 2pp.)  

Download the complete Pandemic Influenza Plan (2.8M PDF, 128pp.)