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County Pesticide Use

Since Fiscal Year 2000-2001, the County has reduced its pesticide use by 60%.

Pesticide Use Data for Contra Costa County Operations

In Fiscal Year 2000-2001, the County began collating pesticide use data from the Departments that use pesticides, which at that time were the Agriculture Department, the General Services Department, and the Public Works Department. To view this data for the last 4 years, click here.

History of Pesticide Use Reporting

Since the 1950s, the State of California has required at least some kind of pesticide use reporting, but in 1990, the comprehensive reporting program we have now went into effect.

The expanded reporting system provides researchers in government and private industry as well as the general public with better data to accurately assess the amount of pesticides applied to crops and other sites.

The current reporting system exempts home use pesticides from the reporting requirements.