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Bike Safety Resources

There are so many great reasons to ride a bike. It's an excellent way to exercise, get outdoors, reduce our carbon footprint, and it's fun!

Following some bike safety tips will help ensure your ride is a smooth one.

Bike Safety Tips

Download the Top Ten Tips for Bicycle Safety flyer in English and Spanish.

Bike Rodeo

What is a Bike Rodeo?

It's a scaled down, 2-dimensional, mock city made of wood/plastic. Once the city is setup, kids have a chance to interact in a setting similar to real world traffic. The only difference is that our city is free of real traffic hazards. While going through the course kids are able to learn valuable lessons about how to interact with pedestrians, cars, and even what to do at traffic lights and other traffic signage. Below you can see a sample of how it looks in action.

How does it work?

We will loan our bicycle trailer for day use to community groups who have a vehicle with a hitch and sign and agree to the terms in the Bicycle Trailer Application. Everything you need is packed into our Bicycle Rodeo Trailer. Setup is as easy as emptying the trailer. Please take a look at the following guide for more details: Safe Moves City Training Guide

Follow the instructions below to find out how you can reserve the Bicycle Rodeo Trailer for your event.

Sign me up!

Fill out the Bicycle Trailer application. On the application there is an option to request helmets (limited supply). Please feel free to do so or contact Davis Okonkwo at 925-608-5219 for more details.

You can email the completed application to, fax it to 925-608-5188, or mail it:

Davis Okonkwo
2500 Bates Ave. Suite B
Concord CA. 94520

We try to give a chance for kids to experience traffic laws first hand along with our very own dummy drivers.

Safety first, that's how we roll!