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Contra Costa Health Statement Regarding Recent Mass Shootings in California

January 26, 2023

During a week in which mass shootings have claimed more than 20 lives across California, we at Contra Costa Health (CCH) join in mourning for those who have passed and their loved ones, and for all communities terrorized by this epidemic of gun violence.

The phrase "public health crisis" does not do justice to the scale of loss, or the cost to health and wellbeing in our homes, schools, and workplaces. Whether at work, out in the neighborhood, or dancing to celebrate the Lunar New Year, everyone deserves to be safe from gunfire.

Without safety, no community is truly healthy. That is why CCH is committed reducing both the risk and collateral impacts of gun violence in the communities we serve. For Contra Costa County residents, it is very much a health concern.

While the frequency and destructiveness of mass shootings impacts us all, communities of color and people from other historically marginalized groups disproportionately bear the brunt of firearm-related violence. In 2023, CCH and its partners will debut new violence prevention efforts with a focus on equity – putting resources where they are needed to make Contra Costa County safer.

The Contra Costa Violence Prevention Program received a grant of $1.5 million from the US Department of Justice Community Violence Intervention and Prevention Initiative. Work is underway to convene a Violence Prevention Coalition of at-risk youth, community- and faith-based organizations, existing violence prevention groups, workforce development agencies, and other key stakeholders to determine how best to decrease violence-related injury, death, trauma; improve mental/emotional health; and grow strong partnerships with the community.

We encourage all Contra Costans to check back at for information and health services, including programs addressing education and workforce development and opportunities for collective action.