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Dr. Walker Resigns Membership in American Academy of Family Physicians to Protest its Partnership with Coca-Cola

The CCHS protest of the AAFP partnership with Coca-Cola has generated much discussion and public support. Please see below for a few comments we have received:

Please convey my praise to Dr. Walker (and his colleagues) for their gutsy resignations from the AAFP. I hope that action knocks some sense into the AAFP. A letter, cosigned by numerous scientists, that we sent to the AAFP is at

Michael F. Jacobson, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Center for Science in the Public Interest
Washington, DC

Dr. Walker, I just found out about your resignation from the AAFP and wanted to say how much I admire what you did. There are far too many people who stay silent when their public health organizations are corrupted by corporations that go against everything their organization should stand for. What you did was incredibly courageous. If there is anything we can do to support your efforts, please let me know. Thanks for what you did.

Josh Golin
Associate Director
CCFC: Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood
Judge Baker Children's Center
Boston, MA

Thank you for going public with your stance against the behaviors of the AAFP. I am a family physician and I am absolutely ashamed of this whole scenario. I'm glad Coca Cola has decided to give them some money... because they will never see another cent from me. Resignation on the way. I spend a good part of every day trying to get people to be healthy and keep this poison out of their bodies. Really sad.

Dr. Leo Holm, family physician
Overton, TX

Totally with you on the thumbs down to Coke. As a diabetes educator/dietitian in a HOT climate I see way to many people including children who are drinking way too many sugar sweetened beverages. If the AAFP does not "get it" they are walking around either with their eyes closed or their wallets open?

Lynn A. Maarouf, MS, RD, CDE
UTMB Diabetes Educator
Galveston, Texas

Congratulations Dr William Walker on your courage to come out against the corrupt positioning of Coke company within US 'health'. I'm continuously appalled at the degree to which so few of us speak out plainly against McDonald's and Coke and their ongoing actions to compromise our welfare and the welfare of our children. Its too easy for us to just let the spin-doctors within these organizations work their magic on us all. Taking a stance isn't easy - so it's great to see you stand up - Thank you.

Neil R. Macintyre
Managing Director, Func. Nutrition Ltd.
Director, FieldLinx Ltd.
Auckland, New Zealand

Dr Walker and colleagues, I am both appalled and impressed that you have chosen to stand up to the decisions of the AAFP. I cannot believe you had to make such a choice; I am impressed that you have. I live in Canada which, of course, follows much of what the USA does. Thank you for acting with integrity, for demonstrating strong character, for choosing the right way to shape our collective futures. Thank you very much.

Michelle Malmberg
Calgary, Canada

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