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Other Training Resources

As of November 1, 2014, The Department of Health Care services has established requirements for Medi-Cal managed care plans to provide tobacco cessation services, as well as prevention services for children and adolescents. Providers are expected to document smoking status annually and to provide or refer for counseling, as well as referring to 800-NO-BUTTS.

More specific information regarding the guidelines and trainings can be found below.

Provider Trainings and Resources

SPD TRAINING (Seniors and Persons with Disabilities) information for Health Care Providers

Cultural Competency Training for Healthcare Providers

"Connecting with your Patients" is an excellent Power Point training you can review at your leisure developed by ICE – Industry Collaboration Effort.

This training will assist providers and their staff to:

  • Understand culture and cultural competence
  • Strive towards clear communication
  • Better understanding lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) communities
  • Address health care for refugees and immigrants
  • Reflect on strategies to support seniors and people with disabilities

Click here to access the training »

Limited English Proficient Patients

Provider Tool Kit - Better Communication Better Care

This provider resource was developed by ICE - Industry Collaboration Effort as a helpful tool to care for Diverse Populations.

By downloading this toolkit you will find a variety of useful resources such as:

  • Communicating with diverse patients and addressing health literacy issues
  • Tips for working with interpreters and language issues/common sentences in multiple languages
  • Pain management and sensitive services across cultures
  • Laws and standards regarding languages issues and cultural competency web resources
  • Download: Provider Tool Kit Better Comminication

See more information designed specifically for health care providers.