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Interpreter Services

By law, Contra Costa Health Plan (CCHP) must ensure members have access to free interpreter services when English is not their primary language. Interpreter services must be available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week for medical encounters. CCHP provides access to interpretation services 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Providers are required by regulations to discourage members from using their own interpreters, such as family members, friends or minors

Please note that the member has the choice to refuse professional interpreters and use adult family members or friends. If the member chooses to bring an interpreter after they were offered a professional interpreter, the provider must document this choice in the member's medical record.

Regional Medical Center Network

The RMC Network and clinics have procedures to use interpreter services through HCIN (Health Care Interpreter Network). Providers should be referred to the clinic coordinator/manager for specific procedures

Contra Costa Health Plan CPN (Community Providers only)

Not including hospitals, skilled nursing facilities or Regional Medical Center facilities. Hospitals and SNF’s please use your own contracted vendor for interpreters.


Available for all routine office visits, appointment scheduling, urgent care, labs, health education, pharmacy, etc. Offices can use any phone with a speaker.

  • DIAL: 1-866-874-3972
  • PROVIDE: your 6-digit Client ID ------ (ID Provided by Provider Relations or Mbr. Services)
  • INDICATE: the language you need or press
    • 1 for Spanish
    • 2 for all other languages and state the name of the language you need
    • 0 for assistance if you don't know what language you need
  • PROVIDE: Additional information:
    • Patient Name
    • Patient Date of Birth
    • Contra Costa Health Plan Member ID
    • Doctor Name
    • Doctor Phone Number
  • CONNECT: to an interpreter, document his/her name and ID number in patient's chart for reference. Summarize what you wish to accomplish and give any special instructions.

When calling or receiving a call from a patient who needs language services: Use the conference feature on your phone to make a 3-way call, and follow the instructions above to connect to an interpreter.
- Tips for Communicating with LEP Patients

2. IN PERSON/FACE TO FACE INTERPRETATION GUIDELINES: We require 5 full business days advance notice

CPN providers can only ask for in-person or face to face interpretation services for:

  • ASL (American Sign Language) for deaf or hard of hearing
  • End of life issues
  • Sexual assault/abuse issues
  • Life threatening diagnosis like: anaphylaxis, cancer, chemotherapy, transplants
  • Allergy testing, food trials, asthma education
  • Surgical procedure consent
  • Initial physical therapy evaluation
  • Complex behavioral health appointments

To arrange for In Person/Face to Face Interpreter Services call 1-877-800-7423 Press 4. This rings to Member Services during the day and to Advice Unit after 5 p.m. They gather the information needed, if you meet the criteria listed above, we will make arrangements with our vendor (Fluent Language Solutions).

We provide flyers for your reception area
We provide flyers you can post in your office which state: Point to your language! We will get you an interpreter.
- Download/Print a copy of the flyer

If you have any problems accessing the Linguistic Services listed above you can call CCHP at: 925-313-6063.

See more information designed specifically for health care providers.