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APIs for Developers

The Interoperability and Patient Access rule (CMS-0115-F) defines requirements for free and secure data flow that allows patients access to their health information. Working with our partners, CCHP has created service endpoints to meet these requirements through the Patient Access API and Provider Directory API described below.

Patient Access API

The Patient Access API is an HL7 FHIR-based API. To begin developing applications that leverage this API start by reviewing the standards used to make the data available:
CCHP allows patients to access their clinical and claims data via industry standard FHIR APIs. This data is available via the set of FHIR API servers listed below:

Data Type FIHR Base URL API Documentation
Clinical Data, Medical Claims (ExplanationOfBenefits.Search & ExplanationOfBenefits.Read)

Provider Directory API

The Provider Directory API is publicly available and does not require application registration or authentication. The endpoint for this API is:
[Provider Directory API URL]

Machine Readable Files – Transparency in Coverage

Visit to access publicly available machine-readable files as required by the Transparency in Coverage Final Rule.