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A Bad Mix: Grapefruit and Some Drugs

Has your doctor prescribed you a drug? Know that you should not eat grapefruit if you take some drugs. This fruit can change the way some drugs work. And that can cause health problems. It can even cause death.

There are lots of drugs you should not mix with grapefruit. Some of these drugs are used to:

  • Fight infections
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Treat high blood pressure
  • Treat heart problems

There are chemicals in grapefruit. These can block the normal way your body breaks down some drugs. So the drug may stay in your body for too short or too long a time. CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR. Play it safe. Ask your doctor or pharmacist about any new drug. Ask if you should not take it with some kinds of foods or some other drugs. Then follow his or her orders. You can find a list of drugs that are bad to mix with grapefruit - open the other document listed on the website named "List of Drugs that don't mix with Grapefruit".