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December 4, 2023, 5:04 pm

Hazardous Waste Generator

Many wastes generated in Contra Costa County are considered hazardous waste and must be managed properly. Contra Costa Health Services - Hazardous Materials Programs (CCHS-HMP) is the designated local agency assigned to implement the program to protect the public health from exposure to hazardous waste. Activities to obtain this objective include regular inspections, business education activities and the issuance of hazardous waste generator permits.

The Hazardous Waste Generator Program ensures the safe and legal handling, storage, and disposal of hazardous waste by:

  • Inspecting businesses in the Contra Costa County that generate hazardous waste
  • Issuing permits and inspecting businesses in Contra Costa County that perform certain treatments of hazardous waste. Under California's five-tiered system, the County has jurisdiction over the lower three tiers
    • Conditionally Exempt
    • Conditionally Authorized
    • Permit-By-Rule

Required Documents



  • Annual Operating Permit Fees
  • Hourly Rate and Service Fees
  • Fines and Penalties


2,009 Active HWG Facilities

Hazardous Waste Generator Form (Annual)

All facilities must submit 2023 CUPA packet through CERS.
Enter here for CERS instructions


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