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November 29, 2023, 3:00 am

RMP - Pittsburg Water treatment Plant

Pittsburg, CA

The Pittsburg Water treatment Plant is owned by the City of Pittsburg and operates as a division of its Public Services Department. The plant is located three miles south of Suisun Bay and one mile south of State Highway 4. The facility operates an area of approximately 15 acres.

The plant began operation in 1953, with a rated capacity of 8 million gallons per day, for the treatment and disinfection of raw water using chlorine and anhydrous ammonia. The facility underwent modernization and upgrades in 1976-77, which increased the rated capacity up to 16 million gallons per day. In 1988-90, the facility was modernized and upgraded again, and the capacity of the plant reached its current level of 32 million gallons per day.

For additional information regarding this facility's operations and most recent audit results, please view the Audit Summary - English | Spanish.

Regulated Substances Subject to CalARP/Federal RMP/ISO:

Regulated Substances Program Level CalARP Regulated Federal RMP Regulated ISO Regulated
Chlorine 3 yes yes no