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Level 1 Alert lasting longer than 20 minutes or with odors
Notification Only - Flaring incident at Phillips 66 Rodeo that may be seen by the surrounding community.
January 24, 2023, 2:29 pm

The purpose of this document is to provide specific guidance on how to determine if a facility is subject to the California Accidental Release Prevention (CalARP) Program regulation, how to implement programs that comply with the CalARP Program regulations, and what to include in the written Risk Management Plan (RMP) to meet the expectations of Contra Costa Health Services. Program guidance is given in Chapters 1 through 8. Guidance for preparing an RMP document is given in Chapter 9, and examples of RMP documentation that would meet Contra Costa Health Services' expectations are included in Appendix A. Specific guidance is not given for preparing the Federal EPA RMP but the major differences between the Federal RMP and Contra Costa Health Services are cited below in California Vs Federal Regulations and Guidance. Specific guidance for preparing the Federal EPA RMP is contained in the EPA guidance document "General Guidance on Risk Management Programs."