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Zero: 2016 Veteran By Name List
Contra Costa County has a created a Veteran By Name List, a data and case management tool to identify the number of homeless veterans and to track how many are housed and how many are entering or returning to homelessness each month. The By Name List tool is becoming a national standard to help communities document their need and progress toward achieving goals for ending homelessness. This has also been an extremely valuable tool in Contra Costa County for case conferencing among veteran housing providers. The graphic below illustrates a 31% decrease in the number of homeless veterans in the last 12 months.

  • "Housed" (green) represents the number of people permanently housed that month.
  • "Inactive" (blue) represents people who have been designated "inactive" because they have not had contact with our homeless service system in 120 days.
  • "Inflow" (yellow) represents people who are new to the homeless system.
  • "Returned to Homeless" (orange) represents people who were designated inactive/housed and have returned to homelessness.