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Civic Leader Pledge

I pledge to join the Contra Costa Zero: 2016 campaign, and to do my part to end veteran homelessness in my community by December 2015, and chronic homelessness by December 2016.

I commit to working with the campaign and encouraging others to do so, lending my experience, knowledge and expertise about the resources within my own community that could be used to find permanent housing solutions. Additionally, I will work regionally with the Contra Costa Zero: 2016 campaign to further our goals.

I understand that homelessness affects every community in Contra Costa County, and that as community members, we all have a role in finding permanent housing solutions for residents in need.

By supporting the Zero: 2016 campaign, I also endorse a Housing First model for Contra Costa County. Using this approach provides people experiencing homelessness with housing as quickly as possible with few barriers, and then providing services as needed.

By focusing on housing opportunities and helping to build strategic partnerships, I believe that we can quickly provide homes to all of the homeless veterans and chronically homeless people in our county, and provide the services they need to remain housed.

I agree to help build a system that meets the housing need in Contra Costa County, and specifically within my own city and community.

  • Contra Costa Council on Homelessness
  • Contra Costa Health Services
  • Contra Costa Interfaith Housing
  • Housing Authority of Contra Costa County
  • Multi-Faith ACTION Coalition
  • Richmond Community Foundation
  • SHELTER, Inc.
  • U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs