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Join Us

Contra Costa has joined 70 other communities across the U.S. working to quickly and efficiently reduce the number of veterans and chronically homeless people in need of permanent housing.

No matter who you are, you can help increase local opportunities to achieve zero veteran and chronic homelessness in your community. See the full list of all Zero:2016 Sub-Committees, with descriptions and meetings times.

Civic leaders

We can't get to Zero without the active participation of our community's leaders.


Finding available housing units for our most vulnerable community members is a serious challenge. To achieve our goals, we need landlords willing to expand housing options for formerly homeless individuals and veterans.

Community members

Many people are concerned about homelessness in their community but aren't sure what they can do.

  • Take the pledge to join the Zero: 2016 campaign and start spreading the word! Talk to your faith community, employer, local elected officials, friends and family about how get to Zero by 2016.
  • Get involved.
  • Are you a landlord or know anyone with open units? email

Service providers

Do you work with chronically homeless or homeless veteran clients? Get in touch with the Zero 2016 campaign to learn more about coordinating efforts – email or call 925-313-7700.