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About Us

Zero:2016 is a rigorous national campaign coordinated by Community Solutions to help our community end chronic and veteran homelessness by December 2017.

In Contra Costa County, we realized that in order to end homelessness, we needed to know exactly who needs help. To do this, we have created a By-Name List of homeless veterans and the chronically homeless in our community. This tool is becoming a national standard to help communities get a clearer picture of who needs help, how many people are being housed and how many people are entering or returning to homelessness each month.

What Zero Means

"Zero" means that there are more veterans and chronically homeless individuals are permanently housed each month than are entering homelessness in our community.

The Contra Costa Zero:2016 campaign is committed to identifying each homeless veteran and chronically homeless individual. Every month, we update our By-Name List to include the newly homeless, recognize those we have housed and understand who remains homeless in our county.

Make it Happen

We cannot always prevent homelessness. But when people become homeless in our communities we can provide immediate and long-term solutions if we focus on providing permanent housing rather than short-term housing or aid without housing. Only 3% of permanent supportive housing residents become homeless again in Contra Costa. By focusing on permanent housing solutions, we can reach and stay at ZERO.

Join Contra Costa ZERO:2016