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Five Minutes vs Five Days:
Flu Vaccination Campaign

Contra Costa Public Health partnered with the Community Clinic Consortium, the Contra Costa Childcare Council and Brown Miller Communications to produce outreach materials to encourage health care workers and child care providers to get vaccinated against the flu. Based on input from child and health care employees, the county developed the "Five Minutes versus Five Days" campaign to make the point that it is easier to take a short break to get vaccinated than to risk being sick for five or more days.

The factsheets, myth busters, brochures, posters, podcasts, and videos on this page are part of this comprehensive campaign and health care providers and child care providers are encouraged to download and use these materials to help spread the word and "stop the spread" of the flu.

- General Flu Prevention Tips Card (PDF)

For Health Care Providers
For Child Care Providers
Video & Podcast