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EMS System Memos

The EMS Agency periodically issues clarification to existing policies and treatment guidelines, or provides specific direction regarding issues that are currently facing the EMS system. The documents contained on this page are the most current information from the EMS Agency and will be in effect as of the date issued and continue until changed or incorporated into standard policies and treatment guidelines.

If there are any questions regarding these documents, please contact the EMS Agency for clarification at 925-608-5454 or by submitting an EMS Event Report.

Date Issued Document ID Summary
9/27/19 19-BUL-007 4th Quarter Training.
9/3/19 19-BUL-006 This bulletin outlines upcoming 2019 4th Quarter training.
7/11/19 19-BUL-005 Contra Costa EMS System Orientation Classes.
2/01/19 19-BUL-001 EMT Certification Training Requirements.
10/31/18 18-BUL-005 4th Quarter Training Compliance.
10/15/18 18-OPS-002 This memo describes the process for scheduling ambulance inspections that are not related to a permit renewal.
9/17/18 18–BUL–004 Annual 4th Quarter Training.
5/01/18 18-BUL-003 Interfacility Transport (IFT) Field Treatment Guidelines.
5/01/18 18-BUL-002 2019 EMS Policy and Field Treatment Guidelines Public Comment.
4/24/18 18-MEMO-002 ePOLST Registry Pilot - What You Need to Know.
4/16/18 18-BUL-001 Approval of Optional Skills for CHP Personnel.
4/10/2018 18-MEMO-001 This memo describes the ePOLST Registry Pilot in Contra Costa County.
3/08/18 18-OPS-001 This memo included changes under Section III: Responsibilities of Law Enforcement.
12/12/17 17-CLN-005 This memo introduces CPR – Highly Defined (CPR-HD) and the subsequent approved pre-hospital pilot study.
12/04/17 17-CLN-004 This memo advises stakeholders that the ResQPOD impedance threshold device (ITD) is sun setting on January 1, 2018.
12/01/17 17-CLN-003 This memo clarifies when pre-hospital providers may access dialysis fistulas/grafts.
11/17/2017 17-OPS-002 This memo advises stakeholders of the Triage and Tracking Exercise (Phase I) completion. Provider agencies are no longer required to fill-out triage tags and/or enter triage tag numbers into ReddiNet.
9/26/17 17-CLN-002 This memo outlines changes that are required on or before December 31, 2017 for cardiac monitors to align with 2015 American Heart Association Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiac Care.
6/29/17 17-CLN-001 This memo documents the elimination of the EMS-6 form from Policy 4008 - Infectious Disease Precautions and Exposure Management.
6/27/2017 17-ADM-001 This memo addresses new State EMT regulations and changes to the EMT Skills verification form. These changes go into effect on July 1, 2017.
2/14/2017 17-OPS-001 This memo outlines changes to Policy 4002. As of this date, Kaiser Richmond's "Directed Destination" process no longer includes "Black" status and Kaiser Richmond can accept emergency "Code 3" traffic at any time.
9/6/2016 16-CLN-003 Request for CE Course, Class or Activity Adverstisement
5/6/2016 16-CLN-001 This memo provides guidance on implementation of California AB 15, the ‘End of Life Act’. This law becomes effective June 9, 2016.
4/8/2016 16-OPS-001 This memo provides guidance on Code 3 operations for non-emergency ambulance providers during inter-facility transports and that it is the driver’s responsibility to make the determination whether to transport or respond Code 3.
3/9/2016 16-OPS-002 This memo provides guidance on Code 3 operations for hospital personnel to clarify that it is the ambulance crew responsibility to make the determination whether to transport or respond Code 3 and not the sending or receiving facility.