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Message From The Director

Making a Difference in our Community

Anna M. Roth RN, MS, MPH
January 25, 2022

Contra Costa Health 2021 Annual Report

Health touches every aspect of our lives, evident in the midst of a pandemic. In 2021, COVID-19 continued to place extraordinary demands on Contra Costa Health and our entire community. Once again, our system and our community came together to meet the unprecedented challenges to support health, safety, and wellness and to advance equity in all we do.

See the Contra Costa Health 2021 Annual Report or view the interactive flipbook below. This report looks at the spectrum of services, programs and interventions Contra Costa Health oversees in concert with our partners to deliver health to all members of our community, especially our most vulnerable. But just as importantly, we offer a glimpse into the passion of our staff—how these dedicated professionals employ their skills and talents in collaboration with other county programs, nonprofits, and community groups to make Contra Costa County a uniquely safe, healthy place to live. You will find stories and videos throughout the report that can be accessed by the accompanying links or (QR) codes.

Your support and leadership over the past year have been vital as we continue to evolve our response to this ever-changing pandemic and deliver the care and services our community relies. On behalf of the entire team at Contra Costa Health, thank you.

Anna M. Roth RN, MS, MPH
Health Director, Contra Costa County