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Gateway — How can I get Medi-Cal Services TODAY!

The California Department of Health Care Services has developed an electronic "gateway" at CHDP provider offices and clinics to link children with temporary full scope Medi-Cal coverage. This health insurance coverage is only temporary. A parent or guardian must complete a joint Medi-Cal/Covered CA application to continue this health care coverage.

The Gateway offers preventative care for children, care for children when they get sick, pre-enrollments in comprehensive health insurance, and a doctor that knows your child or a medical home.

Who is eligible?

Children and youth who:

  • do not have medical insurance
  • are under 19 years of age
  • live in California
  • have family incomes at or below 200% of federal income guidelines

Children already enrolled in full scope Medi-Cal are not eligible for the Gateway. If your child is not eligible for Medi-Cal, he/she may continue to get well-child exams at no cost through the CHDP Program.

How do I apply for Gateway?

Step 1

The provider's office talks to the client about health insurance. If the client does not have insurance, the parent/guardian completes a CHDP pre-enrollment application.If the client has insurance, provider bills accordingly or refers client to an appropriate provider.

Step 2

The CHDP Provider enters the client's data into the computer and temporary Medi-Cal eligibility is effective immediately.

Step 3

If the parents complete their paperwork within two months and their family is eligible, their children will continue to receive Medi-Cal.

If eligible for temporary full-scope Medi-Cal, the child receives a CHDP exam and temporary full-scope Medi-Cal for the month seen and one month after. An application will be mailed to the client's home for on-going Medi-Cal.