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2005 - Pittsburg High School, Bridge to Power, TeenAge Program

Food - Out of Control

This picture represents the opposite of healthy. Soda and fried foods shouldn't be eaten all the time. Food that isn't good for you shouldn't be sold in large amounts. In school, I think that A LOT of kids eat unhealthy. My friend eats this kind of food every day. He is killing himself. I think that to change this, we need to complain to the people who are selling it and stop giving it to students all of the time. Kids today like these foods because they are salty, spicy, and fattening. We need to educate kids so that they only eat it once in a while. It would be wrong to totally get rid of the food, but students should learn to make healthier choices.
- Minh, Pittsburg High School Bridge to Power, 2005

Am I Too Fat?

There's no medium sizes anymore. There are those that are "fat" and then there are those that admire the Hollywood way of being a stick figure. Most Americans are unhealthy because they are either overweight or underweight. People would rather be unhealthily skinny than healthily fit. This shirt is a LARGE. It's tiny. An actually "large" person wouldn't be able to fit half of themselves into it. It's clothing such as this that makes girls choose to lose necessary weight just to not feel what they're not. Why are companies decreasing the sizes? Being overweight isn't good; so is starving yourself to fit into the popular clothes any better? Companies need to straighten up.
- Antoinette, Pittsburg High School Bridge to Power, 2005

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