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2000 Central County Photovoice Stories

Dirty portable potty

This portable potty is in Cambridge Park. This park looked really nice until I went to use the portable potty. Lots of kids play at this park, they have the whole field to play sports. Anyone at the park can smell this portable potty from 100 ft. away. It is really bad. It is the only one in the whole park. On the weekends when they have soccer this is the only one. My daughter needed to go to the bathroom. We noticed it was disgusting. I like the new equipment in the park. They did something really good in the park, they improved it, yet they forgot about the sanitary part. It would be a really good park if it had a clean portable potty. I think they just need to put more of the porta-potties.
-Teresa Cordero

ESL class

This is an English as a second language class. There are many of us who want to take ESL classes. We want to help our children with their homework and we can't if we don't learn English. I have spoken to my instructor, but there is no room for more people. We don't drive and can't go elsewhere. There is no place to have our children watched while we study. It took me two years to get into this class. I wanted to learn English so that I could have a better life. We can't help our children and they will get left behind if we can't understand English.
-Maria Valera

Produce store

This produce store is a very nice store in the Monument Corridor. It is clean. I asked the owners if I could take their picture. Everything is so fresh. They make it very affordable and provide fresher produce for us in the Monument Corridor. It's very Mexican and has a personal touch. Monday through Friday the owner gets fresh produce. It's only been open for a year.
-Denise Lainez

Empty lot

This lot would be a good place if the city or county bought it and if it became a community garden, or low-income housing. I found that people are living there when I was taking pictures. People had their stuff there and I was shocked and scared. I didn't know people lived there. Will it be better if this place becomes developed? Where will these people go? Will the people be on the street? This is their home. We need to address the issue of housing and homelessness. It is a housing issue and a mental health issue. I went home and I thought at least I have a home. I'm really fortunate to have what I have.
-Rebecca Garcia

Concord Child Care Center

This is a picture of children having lunch at the Concord Child Care Center. This is the biggest lunch they have. The children are from low-income families. Sometimes this is the only meal they get. I think it is important for the community to have more centers that are subsidized to help low-income children. There are only 2 subsidized day care centers. The waiting list is long and there are very few places for low-income kids. We need more money for centers like these. Their parents are working or in school so their children are there.
-Teresa Cordero

Day workers

This is a group of men who are day workers in front of the 7-11 store in the Monument Corridor. They have many problems. They have an issue with shelter, taking care of their children, getting a driver's license or applying to have their own apartment. They all had dreams when they came to this country and they want a better life. I gave these people my $20.00 gift certificate for Albertson's. Esta es una pobreza escondida. We have opportunities. Many of these people don't have these opportunities. What are we doing to help our brother? Many people think they are lazy, but they just don't have an opportunity. I think we can help them. Many of us are Christians and we all need to help them. Not just Catholics, but all faiths. We are getting fat and comfortable and we need to share. We need to stand up for our people.
-Isaac Borges

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