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1998 East County Photovoice Stories

Park sign, "Enter at Your Own Risk"

This is a picture of a park behind my house. I don't trust my kids going there. There are bottles and trash. The signs went up last summer, supposedly the city has no more money to take care of the park.
-Nichole Cook

Cross and dedication along Highway 4

This picture represents my own personal fears. A child died here on Highway 4, going west. This is a single lane highway, a trucking route. People are in a hurry. There are no sidewalks. The truckers are in a big hurry. This cross represents a child that died 5 years ago. I worry about my own children, like I said this picture is really about my own fears.
-Brenda Dick

Hopeful message in mural

This mural was painted by Pittsburg community members. I feel it represents all that we strive for and all that we can achieve. There is so much violence, gang activity, and graffiti in our neighborhoods. We need to listen to our children, examine ourselves and how we are influencing our children in negative and positive ways. This mural sends a hopeful message to our children.
-Patrick Jerome Forté

Baby bathing in sink

This is my son. I give him a bath in the sink because he loves it. He feels safe and has fun.
-Edowigis Hernández

Los Medanos

I wish we had a clinic here. They closed the hospital a while back. Some of the doctors around here realized that Pittsburg had a great need for care and they stayed here. No one likes the Pittsburg Clinic. It's too small and they don't treat you very nicely here. The doctors aren't caring here. This is all about politics in the county.
-Michael Morris

El Pueblo Youth Center

This is the youth center in El Pueblo. El Pueblo has come a long way. There have been many improvements. The center is trying to actively curtail the violence. There is more police patrolling. They help kids with their homework, take them on trips, do activities, go to movies. Parents should be required to participate in things like this to prevent problems like gangs, violence and drugs.
-Annette Taylor

Graffiti and gang signs on wall

This picture shows the violence that surrounds our kids. These are gang signs and graffiti. It shows the poverty. It's not a good sign for the kids. Parents need to set a good example for their kids and get rid of bad habits. Kids are selling drugs at 6, 7, 8 years.
-Kimberly Stevens


This place is just down the street from where I live. As you can see, it is very close to the road and there is a big potential for an auto accident. You can't tell if there are chemicals in the air. The warning system is terrible. The last time there was some kind of spill, I never got a call and I live less than a mile away from here. This is a big concern for me and my family. You never hear anything on the news if there is a chemical spill. There needs to be more information when there is a spill in Pittsburg.
-Herman Moses

Nail salon

See the nail shop in this picture? It's in a busy shopping center. The guys that own it take your money and give you bad customer service. You can get all kinds of health problems from nail polish. You know, like lupus, joint problems, things like that. I think there is a big problem with how they handle their equipment, it's not sanitary. The government doesn't have any time to monitor places like this, they are not regulated by the FDA or anyone.
-Cheryl Jackson

Disabled kids on ride

I work with disabled kids and one day we took the kids to have fun at the park. They tried to keep the kids from getting on this ride, but I said they were going on. They had the best time.
-Angela Mueller

Man fixing house

This man is fixing the house. There are so many run down homes and apartments that it's positive to see people fixing up houses.
-Guillermina Lopez

New Mecca Café

This is a special community spot in downtown Pittsburg. It might not look like they serve good food here but it's nice. Friends get together. You can see some old faces. We have respect for the owners and for the place. It's historic. Talking with Tamu Jones from the County Health Department, if you didn't know this was an historic restaurant, you might think it was nothing but a bar joint because of all the neon liquor advertisements in the window. Maybe the restaurant should be fixed up to look better.
-Michael Morris

Disabled children's center

This is where we put our disabled kids-out in Oakley where they are isolated in solitude. The neighbors don't want them there and see them as sick. We should all take time to get to know the kids and take on a new outlook and introduce them to the community.
-Angela Mueller

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