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Tobacco Prevention Coalition

What is the Tobacco Prevention Coalition?

TPC is a group of Contra Costa organizations and residents working to reduce the impact of tobacco on communities and residents. It was established in 1989 as part of Proposition 99.

What does the Coalition do?

The Coalition:

  • Works to reduce youth access to tobacco;
  • Looks for ways to reduce pro-tobacco advertising;
  • Encourages policymakers to pass laws protecting residents from the effects of tobacco; and
  • Follows the cutting-edge research on tobacco prevention to help design effective programs.

Why do we need the Coalition?

  • Smoking kills 440,000 Americans and 6,569 Contra Costans each year, more than alcohol, crack cocaine, heroin, homicide, suicide, car accidents, fires, and AIDS combined.
  • More children under the age of five die each year from second-hand smoke exposure than from poisoning, falls, choking, fire, drowning, car accidents, and other injuries combined.
  • Tobacco costs Contra Costa County an estimated $228.1 million a year in healthcare expenses.
  • The tobacco industry spends $1.2 billion a year in California to market and promote its products -- mostly to youth.
  • Over 35% of stores in Contra Costa's unincorporated areas sold tobacco illegally to minors in 2002.

Take Back Your Community From The Tobacco Industry, Join The Contra Costa Tobacco Prevention Coalition!

Contact Us

Tobacco Prevention Coalition
597 Center Ave., Suite 125
Martinez, CA 94553
phone 925-313-6214
fax 925-313-6864

If you are concerned about tobacco influences in your community including drifting smoke in outdoor areas, Multi-unit housing and workplaces or tobacco sales to minors, call 888-877-4202 or email