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Tuberculosis Information
 for Providers

TB Reporting

The TB Control Program receives reports on all cases of TB. Physicians, clinical lab directors, and other providers are required by law to report confirmed and suspected cases of TB to Public Health within one working day of the diagnosis of TB or suspected TB. Reports must include the following information (if known): patient demographics, the date of onset, the date of diagnosis, date of death (if applicable), diagnostic status, bacteriologic, radiologic and tuberculin skin test findings, information regarding the risk of transmission of the disease to other persons, a list of anti-TB medications prescribed and the name, address and phone number of the medical provider. Initial reports may be made by phone 925-313-6740 or fax 925-313-6465. Providers are also required to make follow-up reports to Public Health upon request, and whenever a patient ceases treatment for TB disease (H&S 121362).


To report a case or suspected case of TB in an outpatient, providers should complete a Confidential Morbidity Report (CMR), and FAX to CCPH at 925-313-6465. For questions about TB reporting, providers should call us at 925-313-6740.

Inpatients and Hospital Discharges

In addition to case reporting, the law requires that patients with suspected or confirmed active TB may be discharged or transferred from a health facility only after a written discharge plan has been received and approved by Public Health, unless the transfer is due to an immediate need for a higher level of care or is to a correctional institution. The discharge plan must include updated clinical and bacteriologic status, all medications prescribed, a verified patient address and the name and address of the medical provider who will follow the patient. Public Health staff will review discharge plans within one working day.

To report a case or suspected case of TB in an inpatient, and to request approval of a hospital discharge, Infection Control Coordinators or providers should complete a T-8 form, and FAX to CCPH at 925-313- 6465. Parts I and II should be completed within one working day of when the diagnosis is made. Part III should be completed a minimum of one working day prior to anticipated discharge. More information is below. For questions about hospital discharges, Infection Control Coordinators and providers may call us at 925-313-6740.

- TB Discharge Letter from TB Controller
- Hospital Discharge Procedures for TB Patient
- TB Case Report with Discharge Information (T-8)

Medical Consultation

CCPH provides medical consultation to providers regarding the diagnosis and management of patients with LTBI and confirmed or suspected TB disease. For medical consultation, providers may call us at 925-313-6740.

Medical consultation is also provided by the Curry International TB Center Warmline Consultation Service (response within 24 hours). Call 877-390-6682 or 415-502-4700.

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