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Preliminary Request for Proposals*

*Pending contract approval

Nutrition & Chronic Disease Prevention Projects
Community Wellness & Prevention Program

This Request (hereafter RFP) is soliciting proposals for a subcontract to implement and manage Community Supported Farm Stands in several West Contra Costa neighborhoods. The subcontract will be for approximately $22,500 during the period of January 1, 2004 through September 30, 2004.

Bidders' Conference:
Friday, November 21, 3-4 p.m.,
Richmond Chamber of Commerce

Proposal Due Date:
Proposals must be received in the office by 5 p.m., Monday, December 8, 2003.
Proposals may be mailed (before deadline to be received by due date)
or hand delivered to 597 Center Avenue, #115.
Post marked, faxed or electronic proposals will not be accepted.
Sorry, no exceptions.

Anticipated Contract Period:
February 1, 2004 - September 30, 2004

Award Amount:
Approximately $22,500

Please contact Melody Steeple with any questions (925-313-6839).

Eligibility Criteria:
  • Incorporation as a non-profit organization with 501(c) 3 status.
  • Local governments, for example, city Parks and Recreation, local school or school district. Employer ID required if awarded subcontract.
  • A demonstrated history of providing services in West Contra Costa County.
  • Demonstration of linkages with the communities of North Richmond, Parchester Village, Iron Triangle, and/or Old Town San Pablo; knowledge and credibility within one or more of the communities identified above.
  • Must have offices/facilities and provide services in West Contra Costa.
Apply Form (71k PDF, 1p.)


The West Contra Costa Food Security Council, staffed by the Community Wellness & Prevention Program (CW&PP), has been working to improve access to healthy, affordable food in West Contra Costa for more than five years. Among the primary problems identified has been lack of access to fresh, quality produce. As part of a measure to remedy this problem, the concept of "farm stands" has been identified as a strategy that might be successful in helping West Contra Costa residents, particularly those with low incomes and without personal transportation, consume healthier diets. CW&PP's West Contra Costa Food Security Council has been working with the Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF) to develop funds for this project as well as identify farmers who will wholesale produce to the farm stand project.

The farm stand concept has been well received by both residents and leaders in West Contra Costa. Among those voicing support for the farm stands are Supervisor John Gioia, the Community Development Department, Dr. Jeff Ritterman and Nora Norback, MPH, RD with the Richmond Kaiser Permanente facility, and the Firedoll Foundation. In order to move from concept to reality, we must identify a community organization whose Board wishes to incorporate the farm stands into their ongoing operations.

CW&PP has approximately $22,500 available for a subcontract through a grant anticipated from the California Nutrition Network. CW&PP is committed to assisting in getting the stands underway (assistance in securing farm stand sites, necessary permits, and van from Community Development Department), and also to assisting with fund development for up to two years following expiration of the subcontract. It is our intention, however, that the organization which assumes the subcontract will manage and operate the farm stands independent of CW&PP. Problem solving and input can be requested from the West Contra Costa Food Security Council indefinitely.

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