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Health Advisory Lifted for Pittsburg and Antioch

Last updated: 5:39 a.m. Friday, March 27, 2015

The health advisory for Pittsburg and Antioch has been lifted. The advisory was issued for people with respiratory sensitivities this morning after a chemical release at Dow Chemical in Pittsburg. Contra Costa HazMat staff are investigating the incident. More information will be posted as it becomes available.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Program

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), also know as "Crib Death," is the sudden death of an infant under one year of age that remains unexplained after a thorough case investigation. SIDS can happen to any family, no matter what race they are, how much money they have, or where they live. Nobody is to blame when a baby dies of SIDS. It cannot be predicted and we still do not know its cause.

What is the SIDS Program?

The mission of the Contra Costa SIDS Program is to help alleviate the tragedy surrounding SIDS by providing high quality, caring services to families and caregivers who have been affected by SIDS. The program works not only to assist families affected by SIDS, but also to expand awareness about SIDS and promote risk reduction measures.

What Services Does the SIDS Program Provide?

Assistance to families affected by SIDS

SIDS Program staff provide bereavement support, information, referrals, resources and follow-up services to assist families and caregivers.

Community Education

SIDS program staff participates in community outreach activities and collaborates with prenatal care and pediatric providers to expand awareness about SIDS and promote risk reduction measures.



Contact the SIDS Program

597 Center Avenue, Suite 365
Martinez, CA 94553
925-313-6708 fax