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Breaking News

Concord: Ash/Debris Cleanup Advisory

Last updated: April 24, 2018, 9:41 am

The large structure fire in Concord consisted primarily of construction materials (predominately wood). Residents should avoid direct contact and inhalation of ash/debris that was produced by the fire. Residents may use a mild soap and water to clean up ash/debris. To minimize dust generation, residents should consider lightly dampening ash/debris prior to commencing sweeping activities. Swept up ash/debris may be placed in a standard household trash receptacle. Any towels or cleaning materials should be rinsed in a sink that drains to a sanitation sewer. Residents should avoid washing or sweeping ash/debris into storm drains, as this will result in pollution accumulating in nearby creeks and rivers.

Reducing Health Disparities

CCHS has a department-wide goal to reduce health disparities by addressing issues of diversity and linguistic and cultural competence. Read more in our progress report.

This vision can only be achieved through a multi-year, multi-strategy commitment to reduce health disparities in specific health conditions over time. The Health Director and Division Directors are committed to implementing three broad objectives as initial steps in reducing health disparities among the people serviced by Health Services programs.

The objectives are:

  • Improve linguistic access.
  • Implement training and related activities on diversity and cultural and linguistic access competence that will foster broad organizational growth and change.
  • further develop an organizational climate that values patient, client, customer and employee diversity and addresses health disparities.


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Concepcion Trevino James
Reducing Health Disparities Manager
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