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Kaya Belknap, MD, MPH
University of Arizona

I grew up in Kenya and South Sudan and then moved to Arizona to attend both college and med school at the University of Arizona. I have a passion for primary care integrated with public health and working with the underserved both in the US and abroad. I chose Contra Costa after doing a clerkship and experiencing the dedication of the residents and faculty. Everyone I met was passionate about delivering high quality primary care to those who are unable to access care elsewhere and I am excited to be a part of the team.

Nichole Boisvert, MD
Georgetown University School of Medicine

As someone born and raised in NH, and then educated in NY and DC, I am looking forward to coming to CA for residency! I was drawn to Contra Costa's energy and broad-spectrum training, as well as their focus on training clinicians to take care of the underserved in the county, country, and world. My biggest interest is in the intersections of story, culture, and medicine, and when I am not working, I love to write and travel.

Nadra Crawford, MD
Escuela Latinoamerica de Medicina

My first non-patient medical experience was at a small clinic on the island of Trinidad. There, I saw the important role health care professionals play in the lives of their patients and I fell in love with the idea of being able to take care of people in their most vulnerable moments. After that experience, my path has been directed towards becoming not only a knowledgeable physician, but a humble, compassionate, culturally competent one whose work is to provide the best possible outcome for each patient. I am excited about joining the CCFM Residency Program because I believe it will challenge me, prepare me to work in any setting and encourage my own personal growth and autonomy. I am also inspired to work alongside such amazing people who share similar interests in medicine.

Erica Dorfman, MD
University of California - Irvine

I'm excited to be joining CCRMC where I'll receive rigorous training alongside people who share a strong work ethic & passion for the underserved. I first heard about CCRMC from a past chief resident at a CAFP conference. She described her work schedule after graduation which included both inpatient & outpatient care, as well as time dedicated to OB. It sounded like a dream come true & right then I knew I wanted to pursue full spectrum training, including gaining experience with as many procedures possible. Also, I have a passion for working with the homeless, and a previous graduate of this program created Doctors Without Walls, so I feel this program will give me the tools needed to pursue different avenues in medicine.

Benjamin Durant, MD
Tulane University School of Medicine

I am a hippie from New Hampshire who comes to CCRMC by way of New Orleans, where I attended medical school at Tulane University and was often somewhat unkempt. I chose the program at Contra Costa because of the wonderful people that I met while interviewing, and because I am interested in receiving the best possible training for a career full of diverse experiences.

Miguel Gomez, MD
University of New Mexico School of Medicine

I was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I spent summers during my childhood in El Paso/Juarez learning the differences the Southwest has to offer. After undergraduate, I joined the Peace Corps and lived and worked in Mali, West Africa for two years. During medical school, I discovered that Family Medicine was a specialty perfectly positioned to address both community health and individual clinical quandaries. I selected CCRMC because I feel that the training would best prepare me for the broad and demanding field of Family Medicine: in its dedication to the care of the underserved, clinical training that prepares one for practice in any setting, and the institutional support that comes from being surrounded by like-minded, committed and compassionate individuals.

Kaitlin Hollander, MD
University of California – San Francisco

I am an Oakland native and am thrilled to return to the East Bay. I was drawn to family medicine to provide primary care to those in need and particularly to those with physical or developmental disabilities & the LGBT community; I chose CCRMC for the full scope training & long term relationship with the local community.

Neil Jackson, MD
Brown University School of Medicine

I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and studied philosophy and history at the Penn State Honors College while concentrating in pre-medicine, international studies, and saxophone. After college I worked as a stonemason in Colorado, spent a year on a Fulbright teaching English in rural Malaysia, and lived for another year on a friend's permaculture farm commune in Nicaragua. During medical school, I have returned regularly to Nicaragua and started a school garden and nutrition class at a charter school in Pawtucket, Rhode Island as part of a scholarly concentration in Global and Community Health. I chose Contra Costa Regional Medical Center as my home because I hope to prepare a foundation in full-spectrum family medicine amongst progressive thinkers in a community that encourages both the science and the art of medicine.

Bonnie Kwok, MD, MPH
University of Wisconsin Medicinal School

I was born and raised in San Francisco. I went to UC Berkeley for college. I volunteered at a free clinic called Clinica Martin-Baro, worked at the Hydrocephalus Association, & obtained an MPH from SFSU. For med school, I moved to the Midwest & continued to explore my passion for the urban underserved and public health through the TRIUMPH program that focused on diabetes group visits with an interdisciplinary health team. I love the sense of community CCRMC provides, bustling with humanistic and like-minded people who share a common goal: to provide compassionate and comprehensive care to individuals, families, and communities. I also enjoy hiking, Zumba, mystery novels, musicals, and trying new foods.

Caroline Mogler, MD
University of California – Los Angeles

I was born and raised in Panama City, FL, spent my college years in Boston at Harvard, and then made my way out west to UCLA/Charles Drew University for medical school, where I met my now fiancé, Braden. I chose Contra Costa because I felt the comprehensive, full-spectrum training Contra Costa offers would prepare me for working in a variety of rural, inner city, and international settings. I was also extremely impressed by all of the motivated, hard-working, highly competent physicians I met who shared a mission of service.

Jacqueline Proudfoot, MD, MPH
Tufts University School of Medicine

I am originally from the Pacifica Northwest, but spent the last 10 years in the Boston area. I studied biology and Spanish at Boston Univ., and then worked in HIV research before medical school. Contra Costa was the trifecta of priorities for me in residency: work with underserved populations, a chance to speak Spanish more often, and a return to the west coast. It didn't hurt that the folks I met on interview day were fantastically friendly and engaging, or that Martinez was the perfect combination of sunshine and greenery. My interests in medicine include: addiction medicine, behavioral medicine, obstetrics, and work with the homeless population. My interests outside of medicine include: biking, reading, action and sci-fi movies, and generally soaking up sun.

Teresa Schiff, MD
University of Hawaii – John A. Burns School of Medicine

I was born and raised on the tropical islands of Hawaii and was seeking a program that shares the same spirit of aloha. I chose CCRMC because I knew I would be challenged and supported here to become the best doctor I could possibly become. The warmth of the patients, staff, residents, and faculty that I encountered during my interview made it easy to know CCRMC was the right fit for me!

Wesley Tay, MD
University of California – San Francisco

I hail from sunny Southern California and grew up outdoors playing sports, surfing, dirt biking and wakeboarding (with broken bones & sprains to show for it!). I went to UC Irvine for my undergrad. I studied Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and Spanish with field work/study abroad in the UK, Costa Rica, and Chile. I enjoyed medical school opportunities to pursue basic science research, pediatric HIV studies, volunteering at a free clinic at the Thai-Burmese border, and studying American Sign Language at Gallaudet University in Washington D.C. CCRMC felt like the right place for me because of the incredible people who are all passionate about social justice and helping create a learning environment that will help train awesome Family Medicine doctors to be able to provide excellent care here and around the globe.


Victoria Chew, MD
UC Davis

I grew up in San Jose and after majoring in genetics at UC Davis, taught English in China and was involved in burn research before starting medical school. I enjoy cooking, baking, knitting, cycling, and traveling. I am excited to be joining the CCRMC program because I know I will receive excellent procedural and OB training with talented people who share a common goal of serving a diverse community.

Madeline Cozad, MD
Louisiana State University – New Orleans

I'm from New Orleans, LA and have lived in the South all of my life, besides a stint with the Peace Corps in Lesotho. I'm interested in primary care, global health, and maternal and child health, and I'm so excited to come to Contra Costa to train with such like-minded, passionate, and intelligent people!

Erik Gonzalez, MD
UCLA Drew Medical Education Program

I was born and raised in Pacoima, California a working class, mostly immigrant community of Los Angeles County. I was an anthropology major at UC Davis mostly because my interests have always orbited humans: our biology, our cultures, and the way we interact with our worlds. But I've also consistently geared my life towards working with and in under-resourced communities. Through the Contra Costa Family Medicine Residency Program I will be trained to provide the best full-spectrum care that I can give to the communities that I've dedicated myself to.

Kari Kompaniez, MD
UC Davis

I grew up in a small mountain community, Big Bear Lake in Southern CA, where my initial experiences in medicine helped me to appreciate the value of having a compassionate, as well as thorough and resourceful, primary care physician. After finishing my away rotation at CCRMC in the obstetrics department, I couldn't imagine doing my Family Medicine Residency anywhere else. On the first day of my rotation, I delivered two babies and participated in a C-section -- I was so excited to learn that Contra Costa' s philosophy encourages learning by doing. Additionally, I am thrilled to join a community that shares many of my core values -- humanism, discovery, continuity of care, teaching, and caring for the underserved. I look forward to training where full-spectrum Family Medicine emphasized among intelligent, inspiring, and compassionate faculty and residents.

Mariel Lougee, MD
University of Minnesota

I'm originally from the great states of Michigan and Minnesota. I decided I wanted to see the ocean and went to college in Boston studying psychology and neuroscience. I then spent a year working on the other coast in Los Angeles as a case manager at a homeless shelter for women. After four years back in Minnesota for medical school I knew I wanted to return west. I choose CCRMC to get broad spectrum family medicine training back, my new favorite coast!

Tiffany Lu, MD
University of Illinois College of Medicine - Chicago

My Christian faith led me to pursue medicine, and it is central in my professional decisions and aspirations. I chose CCRMC because I believe my training here will shape me into a skilled and compassionate physician prepared to serve patients most in need of care.

Adelaida Magallanes, MD
University of Washington School of Medicine - Seattle

I was raised in San Pablo and Vallejo, and studied Biology and Latin American Studies at the University of San Francisco. Before medical school, I spent time as an afterschool teacher for youth in Richmond and taught ESL to Latina immigrant mothers and transgender women in San Francisco's Mission and Polk District. More recently, I taught teenagers in a rural Washington beauty salon about Emergency Contraception and actively mentored underrepresented pre-meds and medical students. I chose CCRMC for its high-quality, full-spectrum training, dedication to caring for the underserved and the warm, well-rounded, and friendly residents I met along the way.

Ashley "Engel" Ottman, MD
University of Arizona – Tucson

I grew up in Idaho, but went to school and lived in England before beginning my adventures in Medicine. Previously, I worked as a stone carver, restoring Gothic buildings in England and also taught Art to all ages. I am excited to work and learn at Contra Costa as the people here are warm, diverse and dedicated to practicing the art of medicine in the service of those most in need.

Lauren Pallis, MD
Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson

Born and raised in the Bay Area, I stayed close to home after high school to attend UC Berkeley (go Bears!). I have been on the East Coast for the past four years, and am thrilled to be returning home to serve the community that helped shape me. After learning about the wonderful training opportunities at CCRMC and meeting the faculty and residents, I knew it was absolutely the place for me!

Evan Pulvers, MD
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai – New York

I am from Oregon, left the West Coast for college at Brown in Rhode Island, and in the year before medical school worked in Kenyan community radio infrastructure development and hiked. In medical school my interests in medicine have been domestic underserved medicine, primary care, palliative and addiction medicine, and outside medicine yoga and biking. After spending a month at CCRMC as a fourth year medical student I was struck by the strong commitment of the faculty to teaching; the skill, knowledge, and joy of the residents; and the chance to work in a county hospital system with patients and their families across the full spectrum of family medicine's broad scope of practice, with the hope of eventually pursuing a rural underserved practice.

Naman Shah, MD, PhD
University of North Carolina

Born in North Carolina, I grew up moving frequently in the US and abroad - I'm excited to now add California to the mix. Clinically, I enjoy all acute care with special interests in tropical medicine and primary surgery. I'm also an epidemiologist focused on the design and management of health systems. I chose Contra Costa for it's rare mix of celebrating generalism, hard work, and training true do-anything docs. Having been educated in public institutions, and continuing that tradition here, I also appreciate the wonderful difference a clear mandate makes in mission and sense of community.

Marcella Torres, MD, MS
UC Irvine

I was born and raised in nearby Stockton, CA and am thrilled to return to NorCal after a great run at UC Irvine School of Medicine, and participation in UCI's PRIME-LC program, which taught me to recognize and address Latino health disparities through the broader lens of advocacy and community development. As a former Peace Corps Volunteer (Panama 97-99), and credentialed teacher in my former life, CCRMC's community feel and strong focus on underserved medicine strongly aligns with my own reasons for coming to medicine. I am honored to join the CCRMC team, and can't wait to build the broad spectrum skills I will need to make a difference in the lives of those most in need.

Ariel Wagner, MD MMSc
Harvard Medical School

A native of Arlington, Virginia, I chose CCRMC for its rigorous full-spectrum FM training and the chance to care for underserved patients. I am particularly interested in maternal and child health, global health, and medicine as a means to enhance social justice. In my free time, I like to travel, read, bike, camp, and do just about anything I can outside.


Jennifer Melgar Alvarenga, MD
UC Davis

I was born and raised in the San Fernando valley of Los Angeles. I came to the Bay Area for undergrad at UC Berkeley, and remained in northern California for medical school at UC Davis. I am a first generation Latina, with cultural roots in Central America. I chose the CCRMC family medicine program because I believe in its mission. My passion in medicine is to render services to underserved populations, and I'm so excited to be part of a residency program that strives to alleviate health disparities. As a new member of the CCRMC team, I hope to grow as a physician that is equipped with both medical knowledge and empathy to serve a wide range of patients whole-heartedly.

Gabriel Anaya, MD, MS
Universidad de Guadalajara

I was born in San Diego but grew up in Tijuana, Mexico. After graduation I came home and started working in public and environmental health at UC San Diego, later obtaining a Master's in Clinical Research and recently concluding a Global Health Fellowship with the NIH. I chose CCRMC because of the range of training, hands-on environment and community atmosphere created by faculty and residents. I'm honored, excited, and happy to become part of CCRMC team and community and will work to make a difference in my patients and community.

Alex Harsha Bangura, MD
Harvard Medical School

I grew up in a small town in southern Minnesota, and after living in Los Angeles, the Pacific NW and the NE, I can definitely say that the Bay Area is juuuust right. I'm passionate about maternal & child health, particularly in low-resource settings, and have spent much time working on mobile health tools to increase access to quality prenatal, delivery and early childhood care in sub-Saharan Africa and Nepal. I chose CCRMC so that I could continue to nurse this passion while developing the skills I need to work in critically underserved areas. I'm thrilled to do so with such an incredible group of thoughtful, compassionate and all-around amazing individuals!

Kevin Dolezal, MD
Tulane University

Originally from Chicago, I spent 4 years in New Orleans for medical school at Tulane Univ. I came to CCRMC with my wife Catherine to get the most well rounded medical training available & to serve the people of beautiful northern California.

Melinda Kong, MD, MS
UC San Francisco

I was raised in Oakland and have many childhood memories of swimming competitively all over the Bay Area. I spent my undergrad. years at Stanford and for medical school attended UCSF-UC Berkeley Joint Medical Program. In med. school, I also worked with elder immigrants in public health programs and local school age kids in community projects. Between the two, I lived in China and Taiwan where I studied acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine and practiced as a licensed acupuncturist in San Francisco. I chose CCRMC because of the strong commitment to family & community, full-spectrum FM training. I look forward to working with this dedicated and compassionate team.

Jessica Lucey, MD
Escuela Latinoamericana

I was born in Los Angeles, but moved away from sunny California to study medicine in even sunnier Havana, Cuba. While I had originally planned to become an obstetrician like my grandfather, the excellent primary care I witnessed in Cuba inspired to specialize in family medicine. I chose Contra Costa because it provides full-spectrum training, including elements of operative OB, with a large Spanish-speaking population.

Victor Luis Mleczko, MD
UC San Francisco

Born in San Francisco, I'm a lifelong Bay Area resident with nearly a decade of work experience before medical school. Much of that time was spent doing ancillary social work as a residential counselor and IHSS (In-Home Social Services) service provider, but also included healthcare experience as a CNA (Certified Nursing Aid). Contra Costa's unique and rigorous training program provided a strong draw for me as few other programs truly leverage primary care skills to fill healthcare shortages.

Emma Montelongo, MD, MPH
Keck School of Medicine

I was raised in and around Berkeley and am excited to return to the East Bay for residency training. I went east to Yale for my undergraduate degree in engineering before spending several years in Mexico studying translation and finally making my way to Los Angeles for medical school. I chose CCRMC for its strong training in women's health, its commitment to the underserved, and for the opportunities for explore global medicine and public health within family medicine.

Catherine Nguyen, MD
Tulane University

I grew up in the Bay Area, went to undergrad at Cal, and got happily transplanted to New Orleans for medical school at Tulane. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to attend CCRMC with my husband, Kevin, and care for the community that shaped me. I chose CCRMC for its commitment to the underserved, rigorous broad-spectrum training, and compassionate faculty/residents.

Jonathan Patberg, MD
University of Washington

I went to the Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison for undergraduate school and the Univ. of Washington for med. school. As a physician, my interests are in critical care, women's health, transgender health and community medicine. As an activist, I am curious about what actually changes people's minds and as a community member I am interested in breweries and fruit orchards. I am excited to be at Contra Costa because I can rely on its rigorous training to prepare me to be a useful physician in any environment.

Sarah Pettibone, MD, MSCR
University of Michigan

I chose CCRMC because I was looking for rigorous, full-scope training program that would prepare me to be a great rural doctor in the north country of my home state of Michigan. There was a lot of great energy walking through the hallways of CCRMC—every level of the staff seemed involved and inspired in the care of their patients, and that's the type of place that's great to work in and work for. I'm a big fan of my husband and our new addition, Henry; writing, reading, and gardening.

Angela Rodgers, MD
UC Davis

Greetings, I'm Angela! I grew up with alopecia areata, an autoimmune hairloss disease, which sparked my interest in medicine, education, and advocacy. Although my family lives in the Inland Empire in southern California, I enjoyed my undergraduate and medical school studies at UC Davis. I chose CCRMC in order to learn how to be the best physician I could be in a rigorous training program that is community oriented.

Karen Weinbaum, MD, MPH, PhD
University of Wisconsin

While conducting field research on wildlife hunting in rural Cameroon, I realized my true calling was to help people in the most direct way possible—medicine. The theme to my life thus far has been "adventure," and this theme has taken me from an inflatable boat in Antarctica to spending 3 years in rural Cameroon as a Peace Corps volunteer. My areas of interest in medicine include global health, women's health, environmental health and integrative medicine. I chose CCRMC for its intensive full-spectrum training, strong global health program, and an amazing group of residents and faculty dedicated to working with the underserved. I am excited to be joining CCRMC for this next adventure!

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