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Richmond Family Practice Clinic

Tens of thousands migrated to Richmond in the 1940's for jobs in the defense plants, including many African-Americans from the south and Mexican-Americans. Joined by a significant number of Vietnamese immigrants in the 70's and Laotian immigrants in the 80's. The Family Practice Center's clientele reflects this ethnic diversity, and serves all the generations from elders to new infants. Much of the industry that built Richmond has long since shut down and many Richmond residents struggle with high rates of unemployment, drug and alcohol use, crime and neglected public schools.

Resident-physicians in the Richmond Family Practice Center learn skills essential to inner-city family practice from a group of experienced and committed family doctors, with a special emphasis placed on multi-cultural issues, poverty issues, and working collaboratively with the community.

  • Located in a county-run ambulatory care center
  • More than 60 years' tradition of serving the community
  • Richmond is at the western most edge of Contra Costa County
  • 20-25 minutes drive from the Contra Costa Regional Medical Center in Martinez.
  • 1:4 preceptor to resident ratio
  • First year residents discuss all cases with preceptors
  • Second and third year resident charts reviewed regularly
  • All residents have periodic direct observations of patient encounters