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Topics > Prevention> The Spectrum of Prevention > Case Studies > Berkeley City Health Department: Nutrition and Physical Activity Spectrum of Prevention

January, 2003

Berkeley City Health Department: Nutrition and Physical Activity Spectrum of Prevention

Level of Spectrum of Prevention Activities
7. Influencing Policy and Legislation Recent Efforts
1. Organization of area-wide breast feeding promotional event to promote breastfeeding and raise awareness among policy makers of need for physical building space for breastfeeding mothers in the workplace. Event achieved international as well as local attention, and set international record in August, 2002.(WIC1 and MCAH2)

2. Active in the development and passage of the City of Berkeley Food and Nutrition Policy passed in September, 2001.

Recent and Ongoing Efforts
1. Participating in the Berkeley Food Policy Council to implement prioritized items from the City Food and Nutrition Policy passed in 2001.(CDPP3)

2. Participating on the Berkeley Unified School District Child Nutrition Advisory Committee to share resources that support the implementation of the BUSD Food and Nutrition Policy passed in 1999.(CDPP)

3. Responding to action requests from the California Community Food Security Network, the California Food Policy Advocates, and other food advocacy organizations with educational letters and calls to state and federal legislators and policy makers.(CDPP)

4. Conducting breastfeeding promotion at Alta Bates Medical Center.(MCAH, WIC, and PHN4)

5. Educating local and state policy makers on issues of pedestrian and bicycle safety which help to create a safer, environment which encourages people to walk and bike.(IPP5)

6. Assisting city staff, businesses and groups in the development and implementation of food policies promoting healthier eating in the workplace and at community meetings.(CDPP)

7. Membership on the steering committee of the California Community Food Security Network working with state policy makers to support legislation and action that increases food security in the state. (CDPP)

Future Efforts
1. Educate state legislators and support legislation to increase regional food sheds, agricultural easements, land trusts, development taxes supporting urban agriculture and other strategies to support sustainable, local, regional agricultural systems.(CDPP)

6. Mobilizing Neighborhoods and Communities Recent and Ongoing Efforts
1. Providing technical assistance and support to the Farm Fresh Choice Project, which increases access to affordable, culturally appropriate fresh produce in low-income neighborhoods.(CDPP)

2. Providing support and assistance for the B.O.S.S. Urban Garden Institute community garden project on the Santa Fe Right of Way.(CDPP)

3. Organizing students at Berkeley High School and Berkeley Alternative School to address issues negatively impacting teen nutrition including marketing of fast food/junk food to youth, lack of food on campus, social justice and food, and the impact of globalization of food supplies.(CDPP)

4. Assisting African American churches in South Berkeley in developing nutrition education/promotion activities and increasing access to fresh produce through Farm Fresh Choice Project model expansion.(CDPP)

5. Recruiting, hiring and training neighborhood residents paid on stipend to lead walking groups for older adults at Harriet Tubman Senior Housing Facility, and McGee Avenue Baptist Church.(CDPP)

6. Providing technical assistance for graduate student thesis: Berkeley Food Security Asset Map Project that documented the availability and accessibility of fresh produce in the lower income neighborhoods of West and South Berkeley. The data will be shared with neighborhood groups working on access issues. (CDPP)

5. Changing Organizational Practices Recent and Ongoing Efforts
1. Educating and encouraging city staff to provide healthy food purchased from local sources at workplace and community meetings.(CDPP)

2. Encouraging the provision of breastfeeding rooms at all city office sites.(WIC)

3. Campaign to "Take the Stairs" in Berkeley City buildings.(CDPP)

Future Efforts
1. Develop streamlined purchasing procedures for city staff to utilize at the Tuesday and Saturday Berkeley Farmers Markets.(CDPP)

4. Fostering Coalitions and Networks Recent and Ongoing Efforts
Participating in the leadership of:
1. Berkeley Food Policy Council (CDPP)

2. California Community Food Security Network (CDPP)

Active participation in:
1. Berkeley Unified School District Child Nutrition Advisory Committee (CDPP)

2. East Bay Area Nutrition Coalition (Coalition of entities funded by the California Nutrition Network) (CDPP)

3. California WIC Association Regional Meetings (WIC)

4. Regional Disparities Initiative (Health Officer)

Member of:
1. 5-A-Day Power Play Coalition (CDPP)

2. Diabetes Coalition of California (CDPP)

3. Nutrition Coalition of Alameda County (CDPP)

4. Project LEAN Region (CDPP)

5. Berkeley City-Wide Collaborative for Youth (CDPP, WIC, MCAH, IPP)

Periodic collaborative meetings with:
1. UC Berkeley Center for Weight and Health (CDPP)

2. UCSF Center for Healthy and Active Aging (CDPP)

3. City of Berkeley Senior Programs (CDPP)

3. Educating Providers Recent and Ongoing Efforts
1. Training and supporting pediatricians in reducing childhood obesity through improved assessment, identification, and parent/caregiver nutrition/physical activity education and counseling. Includes tools for providers and parent/caregivers to develop skills that support behaviors leading to healthy weight. (CDPP and CHDP)

Future Efforts
1. Train and support physicians to increase physical activity among patients of all ages through improved assessment and counseling skills.(CDPP)
2. Promoting Community Education Recent and Ongoing Efforts
1. Developing and implementing the "Berkeley Be Fit" Project, a community education and social marketing campaign promoting healthy eating, increased physical activity and social justice that includes:
  • Education and outreach at special events such as the Juneteenth Festival, Cinco de Mayo, and How Berkeley Can You Be. Includes food tastings, recipes, nutrition information, "Ask the Nutritionist" counseling, and physical activity tips. (CDPP)
  • Nutrition education and physical activity promotion at community venues such as churches, schools, non-profit agencies, child-care facilities, recreation programs, sports leagues, senior programs, Ashby Flea Market, street fairs, Laundromats, clinics, and street locations such as bus stops, parks, etc. (CDPP)
  • Education of reporters and other media decision makers on nutrition, food security, and obesity issues. (CDPP)
  • Media outreach to newspapers, English and Spanish radio stations with nutrition education, food security and physical activity information. (CDPP)
2. Collaborating with BUSD, Lifelong Medical Center, UC Berkeley and multiple community groups to develop and promote "Everybody Walks in Berkeley", a community-wide campaign to increase physical activity by encouraging walking on the first Wednesday of each month. (CDPP and IPP)

3. Collaborating with the Berkeley Food Policy Council to promote increased access to fresh produce among African Americans and Latinos through Farmers Markets, Farm Fresh Choice, and Community Supported Agriculture. (CDPP)

4. Developing and maintaining a "Berkeley Be Fit" web site with nutrition and physical activity information and resources. (CDPP)

5. Formation of 3 neighborhood walking groups in South Berkeley providing peer support and motivation to increase physical activity (CDPP)

6. Distributing posters promoting "5 A Day" at corner markets, liquor stores, small grocers, convenience stores and restaurants in South and West Berkeley. (CDPP)

7. Promoting special annual awareness events such as National Nutrition Month, "Walk to School Day", 5 a Day Week, National Diabetes Awareness Month, National Breastfeeding Week, etc. (CDPP, IPP, WIC)

Future Efforts
1. Education on the "true costs" of food in collaboration with Food Policy Council members. (CDPP)

2. Implementation of a "Take the Stair" campaign in City Hall and other multi-storied buildings in Berkeley and at UC Berkeley. (CDPP)

1. Strengthening Individual Knowledge and Skills Recent Efforts
1. Collaborated with the University of California, San Francisco Center for Healthy and Active Aging to conduct formative evaluation with older adults on issues relating to physical activity. (CDPP)

Recent and Ongoing Efforts
1. Providing individual and small group intergenerational nutrition education (with skill building such as cooking, healthier choices in fast food restaurants, label reading, media targeting, social justice, etc.) and physical activity promotion at sites/ populations including:
  • Head Start teachers, children, parents/caregivers (CDPP)
  • Berkeley Unified School District Early Childhood Education Centers (CDPP)
  • Homeless shelters and transitional housing (CDPP)
  • City recreation and summer youth programs (CDPP)
  • City Senior Centers (HHS SP7)
  • Berkeley High School (CDPP)
  • Berkeley Alternative School (CDPP)
  • Non-profit child care facilities (CDPP)
  • Job Training Programs (CDPP)
2. Collaborating with Lifelong Medical Center Over 60's Health Center, City Senior Centers, McGee Avenue Baptist Church and non-profit senior housing projects to provide physical activity information, distribute free and low-cost pedometers, and ongoing support for physical activity among older adults. (CDPP)

3. Providing individual nutrition education to pregnant and parenting mothers (WIC, PHN, and MCAH)

4. Providing education and support to prospective and current breastfeeding mothers, including a comprehensive breastfeeding peer counseling program. (WIC and MCAH)

Future Efforts
1. Collaborating with San Mateo County Health Services Agency and the UCSF Center for Healthy and Active Aging to implement "Active for Life" a physical activity promotion project for adults over 50. (CDPP)

1 WIC - Women, Infant and Children Nutrition Program
2 MCAH - Maternal, Child, and Adolescent Health
3 CDPP - Chronic Disease Prevention Program
4 PHN - Public Health Nurses home visit program
5 IPP - Injury Prevention Program
6 CHDP - Child Health Disability Prevention Program
7 HHS SP - Health and Human Services Senior Programs

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