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Public Health Nurses

Public Health Nurses (PHNs) provide home visits to low-income clients. Primary focus is on new mothers and their newborns, high risk pediatric clients, and women with perinatal depression. PHNs provide assessment of medical needs, as well as social/emotional, mental health, education/vocation, and personal/housing needs.

A PHN Case Manager will assist clients and families to connect to needed medical and other community resources as well as teach families how to access needed services in the community.

Length of service and number of home visits is based on client's needs. Funding is from the Federal Program, Targeted Case Management, for eligible clients.

New mothers and their newborns are assisted by the PHN with choosing a Primary Care Provider and medical home Health coverage for medical care, medical appointments for postpartum follow-up for mother, and getting newborns started with well child care and immunizations. PHNs provide teaching regarding care of the mother in the postpartum period, as well as of the newborn. The PHN will assist with breastfeeding, weigh the baby, and provide a referral to a Lactation Consultant if needed. PHNs also provide teaching regarding signs and symptoms of complications common to the postpartum and newborn period.

Pediatric clients and their families are assisted with accessing needed services such as: specialty medical care, school advocacy, linkage to mental health and developmental services, disease case management, and parent education.

Clients with Perinatal depression (depression during pregnancy, and after birth of child up to 1 year) are assessed by the PHN and assisted with connecting to mental health services that they are eligible for, as well as other community resources based on assessed needs. Children of these women are also commonly opened for services to ensure they are up to date on medical and dental care, and immunizations. Other services are provided as needs are identified.

To make a referral, or self referral, for PHN services, call: 925-313-6250. A PHN will discuss your eligibility for PHN services with you.