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Menu Quiz

  1. At Denny's, which breakfast item has the least number of calories?
    1. Ham & Cheddar Omelet (just the omelet without toast or potatoes)
    2. Country fried steak & eggs (just the steak and eggs without toast and potatoes)
    3. An order of French toast with syrup & margarine (3 slices)
    4. An order of pancakes (3) with syrup & margarine
    5. Don't know
  2. Which item at Baja Fresh has the least number of calories?
    1. Veggie Quesadilla
    2. Ultimo Chicken burrito
    3. Mahi Mahi Nachos
    4. Two Carnitas Tacos
    5. Don't know
  3. Which item at Dunkin' Donuts has the fewest numbers of calories?
    1. Sesame bagel with cream cheese
    2. 2 jelly filled donuts
    3. Banana walnut muffin
    4. A medium (24 oz) strawberry banana smoothie
    5. Don't know
  4. Which grande (16 oz) Starbucks drink has the fewest calories?
    1. Frappuccino Blend Coffee
    2. Frappuccino Blended Crème
    3. Chai Tea Latté
    4. Carmel Macchiato
    5. Cappuccino
    6. Don't know
  5. Which item at McDonald's has the most calories?
    1. Big Mac
    2. 2 sausage mcgriddles
    3. Large chocolate shake
    4. 4 hamburgers
    5. Don't know

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